Hops For Hope – Ocelot Leads Craft Breweries to Benefit ...

Thanks to Adrien Widman, former staff member at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Hops For Hope will raise funds on December...


Humble and Kind – Sincerely me

WOW!  Can everyone please take off their political boxing gloves and pause for the upcoming holidays?  In no way do I want to censor...

The Artist’s Perspective

As part of my recent one man show “Ashby’s Gap” hosted by The Hill School, I offered to spend time with the student art...

What is All the Fuss over Dental Floss?

In August, the Associated Press (AP) published a story questioning the research evidence for the effectiveness of dental floss. The Federal Government even went...

Super Powerful Kale – Fitness Professional

One of the most powerful superfoods is kale.Yes, that green vegetable that you really hated as a child. It has vitamin A, vitamin B1,...


International Gold Cup Races – Photos by Valerie Durbon

International Gold Cup Races - Great Meadow, The Plains VA ~ Photos by Valerie Durbon

International Gold Cup Races Hats & Tailgates – Photos by Nancy...

International Gold Cup Races Hats & Tailgates- Great Meadow, The Plains VA ~ Photos by Nancy Kleck

2016 Orange County Hounds Team Chase

OLDE WHITEWOOD, THE PLAINS, VA - Photos by Nancy Kleck

International Polo Star and Heartthrob Swings Through Town

If you’ve picked up any magazine that runs Ralph Lauren or Polo ads, you’ve seen the face of Nacho Figueras. Who is he, you...


Sparks Inite Separate Paths in La La Land: A Ryan Perry...

With credentials such as Grand Piano and Whiplash, writer and dierctor Damien Chazelle is rapidly proving himself to be one of the most prolific...

Ryan Perry Reviews the Middleburg Film Festival

The Middleburg Film Festival just wrapped up its fourth year, running from October 20 - 23, 2016. Having proudly attended each festival thus far,...

The Eagle Huntress: Middleburg Film Festival Review

The Eagle Huntress is a truly impressive first film by director and journalist, Otto Bell. An Oxford graduate with a focus on marketing, he’s...

The Middleburg Film Festival in Review

The Middleburg Film Festival has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2013 and this year recorded record attendance. “I think our...


Middleburg Eccentric October 2016, Volume 13 Issue 7

View the Middleburg Eccentric November 2016 Print Edition with Online Reader or Download.


Chester William Fannon III (Chet)

Chester William Fannon III (Chet) of Middleburg, Virginia died peacefully on Saturday, December 3, 2016 with his wife, Kate Armfield Fannon and his sister,...

Nancy Reuter

Nancy Reuter 1923 - 2016 Nancy Rogerson Brown Reuter daughter of John Freeman Brown Jr. and Gladys Pascoe Brown of Boston, MA died on...

Franklin Thaddeus Payne, Jr.

Franklin Thaddeus Payne, Jr. (F.T. and later Frank), 67, of Myrtle Beach, SC died peacefully in his sleep at his home on Monday, October...

Clifton M. Miller, Jr.

Clifton M. Miller, Jr. of Delaplane, Virginia  died at his home. Brookside Farm, November 1, 2016. January 2, 1922 – November 1, 2016 Clif was born...

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