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Cherry Blossom Grants $104,500
Source: Middleburg Eccentric
Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Middleburg-based Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation will be granting a total of $104,500 in 2015 to assist local women in the fight against breast cancer. Pursuant to the Foundation’s objectives to Detect, Treat, Educate, and Eradicate breas...

HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS TACKLE MENTAL ILLNESS Powder Puff Football between Woodgrove and Loudoun Valley Raises $1,191
Source: Middleburg Eccentric
Tuesday, March 31, 2015

When most people think of high school powder puff football games, they think of high school girls wearing war paint on their faces, sporting their school colors, and participating in fun rally chants on the sidelines – all in good friendly, comraderi...

Childs Burden Opens First Meeting of the AMU Battlefields Preservation Plan Partners
Childs Burden, Mosby Heritage Association President, opened the meeting and welcomed a crowded room by saying, “I look forward to the great task ahead of us to preserve the almost 30,000 acres of Virginia battlefield land for the future viewing and e...

The Mystery Chair on Ice
During the last great freeze in Middleburg Police Lieutenant Mike Prince swung by the lake behind the cemetery, south Middleburg Baptist Church, on Federal Street. On top of the ice covering the lake, in some places eight inches thick, lay a dark...

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