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National Sporting Library and Museum Welcomes New Board Members
By Middleburg Eccentric
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Three candidates have been elected to the NSLM Board of Directors. The NSLM board welcomes new members Claire Reid of Southern Pines, North Carolina; B. Tim Brookshire of Tyler, Texas; and Guy O. Dove of Middleburg, Virginia

Claire Reid has a long association with the NSLM and has participated in all three coaching events in 2004, 2007 and 2011. She is a member of the World Coaching Club and competes in driving events. Reid has spent her working career in the technology industry beginning as a programmer and working her way up to CIO.

She joined Bearing Point where she became a partner in their consulting division. She then started a technology firm that was eventually sold to an investment firm. She was recruited into Oracle Corporation where she ran their Public Sector consulting services in North America and concluded her career at Oracle during the company’s very ambitious seven-year period which included the acquisition of Sun Microsystems.
B. Tim Brookshire lives in Texas with his wife Michelle and family. He is an active sportsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, wingshooting and hiking.

Brookshire has had a varied career that began in banking and real estate. He then joined the family business, Brookshire Grocery Company, for 35 years working from the bottom to the top of the company. He still serves on the company’s board of directors.

In 2009, he became president of the East Texas Pinnacle Properties, a privately owned real estate development company. While the Brookshire family resides in Texas, they also own a home in Upperville, Virginia.

Guy O. Dove lives in Middleburg with his wife Valerie. He has been a loyal member of the Library for years, beginning in 2000 as a member at the Sponsor level.

He later joined the Chairman’s Council and in 2011 he became an Ivy Circle member. Dove enjoys participating in partnerships that own racehorses in flat racing and steeplechasing.

Dove has had a long career in financial management in companies such as Drexel Harriman & Ripley, and Equitable Trust in Baltimore. He served as a financial consultant for the Federal Energy Administration, and partner and chief investment officer for The Clarendon Group in London.
Now based in Middleburg, Dove identifies and develops investment opportunities in private companies. Currently, he serves as chairman of Pinnacle Oil Company, the main activity of which is the production of oil and natural gas reserves in the U.S.

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Posted on: Thursday, January 31, 2013