When introducing her unanimously supported “Resolution in Appreciation of Police Officers,” Middleburg’s Vice Mayor Darlene Kirk reportedly noted, “ . . . the Town has always had good police officers.”

We agree, absolutely.

Today’s force, led by Chief A.J. Panebianco, is arguably the best in the ten-year history of this newspaper, and clearly longer if one takes the time to read the minutes of past Town Councils, readily accessible at Town Hall.

We have never been without good police officers.  Some have been outstanding.  Some have become legends in their own right.

But we have also suffered under less than stellar officers and chiefs.

In the past, Chiefs have left under clouds.  Officers have resigned en masse.

Chief A.J. Panebianco’s attention to training, recruitment, retention, and promotion; his highly visible commitment to community policing;  and his insistence that all his officers subscribe to  a formal code of personal honor above and beyond those required by law,  are special.

Hats off to him and his entire force.

And may they, with all our help, stay safe and strong.

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