Guatemala a couple of weeks ago did a remarkable thing: a sitting president Otto Perez Molina was stripped of presidential immunity and arrested for corruption, this follows the resignation of his vice president and several members of his cabinet for the same charge.

The former disgraced president went by another name in the 1980’s “Tito” was his chosen name, a general in the Guatemalan army who carried out mass killings of indigenous Guatemalans.  Journalist Alan Nairn interviewed him during that time (I have seen the footage) and Perez Molina AKA “Tito” freely admits to the killings and also admits that the United States approved of the genocide.

So Otto Perez could also be convicted of mass murder and the corruption charges.  The United States government urged the president to not resign but the pressure was too great from the Guatemalan people and justice system and he finally had no other choice.

During the time of the killings, the U.S. and Israel supplied  the Guatemalan army with most of their arms and the U.S had advisers on the ground working with the army.  The reason rested with U.S. corporate interests who sought the elimination of any possible chance of unionization of the workers of U.S. and other Northern hemisphere corporations.

If the murder charges are brought,  people such as Henry Kissinger could be brought to trial for their role.  Dr. Kissinger was involved with mass murder throughout Central and Latin America for decades and should be held accountable.

What makes this so remarkable is the fact that a sitting president could be brought down by basically the voice and insistence of the citizens who have said enough is enough!

Can you imagine if the same thing happened here and Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and all the others who illegally dragged us into the Iraq war were tried for war crimes?  What an example that would be for the world to see.

Another former Guatemalan dictator/president who enjoyed U.S. backing has recently been convicted of crimes against humanity and genocide.

In another unrelated event in South America, the U.S. once again has been caught in nefarious acts.

In 2008 Evo Morales expelled the DEA (drug enforcement agency) from Bolivia because he claimed they were trying to undermine his government and presidency by bribing police officers, violating human rights, covering up murders and destroying infrastructure, all vehemently denied by the DEA.   

The DEA claimed that President Morales was complicit in drug trafficking at the worst and at the least was turning a “blind eye” to cocaine manufacturers and distributors from Bolivia.

Nick Wing from the Huffington Post has just broken the story that indeed the DEA did conduct an illegal operation called “Operation Naked King” The information that seems to corroborate the claim by President Morales has been obtained from court documents filed by a long time DEA confidential informant Carlos Toro.

This is yet another example of how the U.S. has meddled for years in the governments of Central and South America.  Nearly all the former dictators, most of whom had the backing of the United States were trained at the School of the Americas in Georgia.

One of the main reasons was to control cheap labor for American companies doing business in those countries and to quell any uprisings by indigenous peoples.

But times they are a changing.  With the rise of left wing leaders, more and more is coming out about our involvement in crimes against the peoples of so many Latin countries, and it is about time!

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