So, I usually post “public service” messages on Facebook, but today I would like to share my very special afternoon with you.

A few months ago, I was fortunate to be the high bidder in the auction of a painting titled “Firefly” by Lilly Killinger, a rising Hill School second grader and pupil of local artist Anthony Barham.  LilIMG_2984ly painted this very special painting to sell at auction to raise funds for Lilly’s friend’s, Delaney Clements, cancer treatment medical expenses.  Lilly explained in the auction sale narrative that her friend Delaney is like a “firefly” because she is always “ ‘light’, even when it is dark.”  Lilly thus painted Delaney as a “firefly” accompanied by two magical fairies.   At age seven, Lilly is a talented and prodigal artist, and I could tell from the auction pictures that this was to be a noteworthy piece of art on its own.   But more importantly, l also knew that this painting was going to be very special as it was painted with much love by Lilly for her friend Delaney.

This afternoon,  I took delivery of this beautiful painting and was fortunate to meet Lilly and Delaney (both of whom are beautiful inside and out). I also met IMG_2953Lilly’s wonderful family (who have lovingly taken Delaney under their wing.)  The painting exceeded any expectation I had…it is not only brilliantly executed but one can feel the love by Lilly and her family for Delaney within it.  Indeed, Lilly’s “Firefly” is the very definition of what art is:  a beautiful creation from the heart.  And Delaney truly is a “firefly”, a child of the light…her sparkling eyes and contagious smile light up the room.  It is also evident that Delaney is much loved by the Lilly’s family, the Killingers, a very special family who support children with cancer. Each of the Killinger children participates and brings their own talents in this regard.

IMG_2973Can I say my heart is full? I am filled with hope that in a world of much hate that there is much good and love by people on this earth for one another. I am filled with hope and the belief in miracles and fairies. I am in awe of the thoughtfulness and love that was the genesis of this painting. I am inspired by the strength, courage and grace of all of these beautiful children, especially Delaney.  What I thought was a gift from me to Lilly and Delaney in the purchase of this painting turned out to be a beautiful gift to me.   Needless to say, this beautiful painting, Lilly, Delaney and this afternoon will always hold a special place in my heart.

I believe in the power of prayer for healing for Delaney so I ask my community to help set the intention for miraculous healing for this beautiful girl – may she be blessed (and truly enjoy the Taylor Swift concert this weekend!)

If you would like to see this very special painting (and other paintings by Lilly), look for it in an upcoming show at Common Grounds in Middleburg (where I will reluctantly lend it back! ) Proceeds of other painting sales will continue to go to offset Delaney’s medical expenses.

Thank you for letting me share this.

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