Town Council is currently considering just how big a party can be before a citizen of Middleburg can be compelled to report his or her intentions to host same to Town Hall, the Police, or both.

At this month’s regular session of the Middleburg Town Council the notion surfaced that “twenty cars in a bunch” might serve as the outer and visible sign of excessive celebratory or ceremonial exuberance.

One concern, of course, is traffic and ultimately the safety of those using our streets.  Another is the swift and safe passage of emergency vehicles.  Still another is noise and nuisance.

All are legitimate concerns.

That said, our small police force does a magnificent job of responding to unexpected “special events:” a party that grows a little beyond expectations;  a wedding;  a funeral;  six tables for bridge;  three for poker.

We suggest that alerting the police to forthcoming private parties and events be entirely voluntary and left up to the hosts.  Most, if not all of us, care enough about our neighbors and our own safety to give our police force a heads up that our “event” might need a little extra attention.

For commercial or other fund-raising events a 20-car rule of thumb seems reasonable.  They are, after all, usually planned and, we hope, insured.

Alerting those who might be called on to help just makes good business sense.

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