A few days ago, I went to see a Bernie Sanders rally, live in Manassas. If I had to sum it up in only one word, I would use ‘inspiring’.

Bernie Sanders has a kind of energy about him, and you can tell he means everything he says. Being unable to vote (I’m only 14), several people, both adults and other people at my high school, have asked why I care so much who gets elected. And the truth is that I care because of how much it will end up affecting me.

In the presidential election after this one, I’ll be in my final year of high school, so whoever gets elected will set the tone for how well I manage after getting out of school. And since I plan on going to a four-year college, Bernie Sanders seems like the best candidate, not just for me, but for youth everywhere!

His ideas for free healthcare and free college would make it so much easier to get a degree in a nation that looks down on those that don’t have one. This would mean more younger people would get jobs and be able to succeed and prosper in their lives!

Combine the free college and healthcare with him wanting livable minimum wages and to make the middle class open to everyone again, I can’t see an obvious downside to voting for him.

To conclude, I’ve got to say how lucky it is for a candidate who doesn’t patronize youths, but supports them and knows how important we are to this nation’s future. He’s rising quickly through the polls, so with all luck, I’ll be able to vote for Bernie in his second term!

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