Middleburg Bank Associates Help Cherry Blossom Raise Over $50,000

James Atkins, Chairman of the Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation, conveyed his sincere gratitude and appreciation to the many Middleburg Bank Associates who helped the organization raise over $50,000 in their Ashburn and Middleburg walks.

Middleburg Bank Associates who participated in the Foundations 2015 Walk initiatives included Gary Shook, David Hartley, Joe Boling, Brittany Harshman, Jamie Pearson, Jenna Jones, Tammy Frazier, Teresa Stine, Aliaa Green Finnegan, Sharon Legg, Tamma Payne, Karen Kasen, Elizabeth Sharples, Sarah Burman, Sheila Nix, Melana Ross, mgrooms, Annette Morgan, James Whirly, Aurea Doust.

“Middleburg Bank is a great asset to the Loudoun Community,” explained Atkins.  “We could not be as effective in our mission of helping local women with breast cancer without you.”

“On behalf of our Board, I thank each one of you,” Atkins continued.

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