Having transformed Route 50’s path through Aldie to our East and Upperville to our West, construction has begun in earnest on the Middleburg portion of VDOT’s “traffic calming” project for the lands east of the roundabout at Gilbert’s-Corner.

By all accounts the completion of construction, projected for some time in November, 2015, will establish a “look and feel” for the streets and sidewalks of Middleburg that is not only appropriate, but will last for half a century or more.

In the short term it will mean noise, dust (unless it rains), a painful disruption of traffic and the loss of parking spaces in our critical downtown shopping area during the year’s most important, indeed critical quarter, for retail sales.  “Spillover” in the form of diverted traffic, workers in need of parking, and no doubt other collateral consequences, will affect other areas of town as well.

To their credit Town Council, Town Staff, and the Middleburg Police Department have worked hard to develop plans to both monitor and respond to VDOT activity and provide alternative parking during the difficult times we will face over the next month and a half, or more.

Special thanks to the National Sporting Library and Museum for its gracious offering of space in its lots during what promises to be a difficult time that, in the long run, will be well worth the annoyance.

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