It was so refreshing to watch the Democratic debate on Tuesday night and to compare and look back at the Republican’s.  The Democrats, all of them spoke of substantive issues and almost never attacked each other.  The Republicans on the other hand did practically nothing but attack one another, even attacks on their personalities and physical stature.  How anyone could even consider voting for a Republican candidate for president is beyond my comprehension.

Ben Carson recently said that if all the Jewish people had been armed the holocaust may not have happened, he also said if he had been at the school in Oregon he would not have allowed the gunman to shoot saying “he can’t take all of us.”  He must not have known that the person who did try to stop him was shot seven times!

I wonder if Dr. Carson would agree that arming all potential slaves would have prevented slavery.

Donald Trump after the debate said “sure Hillary won, all she had to do was beat that maniac, socialist almost communist Bernie Sanders” Those types of comments certainly point out how dreadful the Republican frontrunners really are.

As to the Democratic debate, if you will indulge me in giving my personal take on it.

First of all, I thought they all were polite and well spoken and talked of issues that are vitally important to the country and the world.  I was extremely happy to hear that all of them are concerned with climate change and the great divide of rich and poor.  They also agreed much more than they disagreed, another welcome change from the Republicans.

As most know I am an ardent supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders and I thought he dealt with all the issues with good answers.  I watched the debate with a good friend who has run for political office who is not against Sanders but is an O’Malley supporter.  His take on Bernie is that he is not personable and is not someone he would like to go have a beer with.

That is understandable; Bernie does not come off as warm and fuzzy, but I think that is what I really like about him.  In a recent New Yorker article about Bernie it was revealed that he rarely sticks around to glad hand and eat and drink with people after an event, even those who contribute substantial amounts of money to gain access to him.

I know this personally to be true because I and a friend have offered to have a large fundraiser out here for him and we have not been able to get a date commitment.  He really prefers the large rallies to small events and also prefers lots of small donations rather than large ones from a few.

Bernie was the only candidate who did not mention his family or his impoverished early years.  I truly believe that he is not comfortable talking about his personal life and, in my opinion, that is a good thing.  He is totally dedicated to his agenda and how to help the masses and cares much less about those who would give in order to get something back after he is president.  He has refused any corporate money and I am sure he will continue to do that.

Bernie is a breath of fresh air and is EXACTLY what this country needs to end the corporate takeover of Congress and the electoral process.


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