Mike Appleton
Mike Appleton

The air you breathe inside your home could be the most polluted air you breathe all day.  The Environmental Protection Agency cited indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to public health.  One cubic foot of air in your home can have more than 30 million pollutants—that’s 100 times more pollutants than are contained in outside air.  Polluted indoor air causes 94% of all respiratory problems.

Is There a Solution?

The problem is significant but whole-home air purifiers provide the solution.  They ensure that your home has cleaner, healthier air.

Carrier and Aprilaire make very effective, dependable, and silent air purifiers that are installed as part of your home’s heating and cooling system.  When your heating or air conditioning fan is running—your air purifier delivers cleaner, healthier air throughout your entire home.  It removes:

  Mold Spores

  Pet Dander

  Dust Mites




Carrier Infinity® Series Air Purifier has a Captures and Kills™ technology that destroys airborne pathogens.  Also, it re-purifies circulated indoor air as many as eight times per hour.  Carrier Performance™ Series Air Purifier fits in narrow installation spaces and is a great option for the budget-conscious homeowner.

Aprilaire offers an Event-Based Air Cleaning System that enables you to clean the air in your home based on your specific needs.  Choose from Constant Clean, Automatic, Event Clean, and Allergies settings on the control located in your living space.  Aprilaire offers Model 5000, 3000, and 2000 Series that provide various levels of air purification at corresponding price points.     

These air purifiers reduce the risk of asthma attacks and allergic reactions and significantly reduce dust which keeps your home cleaner and protect appliances and electronics from dust build up.  Also, they keep your air conditioning coil cleaner and your furnace working more efficiently.

Does Your Home Have Dry Air? 

No one likes too much humidity but too little humidity causes dry, itchy skin, sore throats, sinus problems, and static electricity.  It robs moisture from your plaster, wood, leather, and fabrics.  This can result in damage to your home’s furnishings.

Both Aprilaire and Carrier offer top-performing evaporative and steam whole-home humidifiers that provide a properly humidified indoor environment and use very little energy.   They require minimal maintenance.   

Steam output humidifiers are the best choice for larger homes or when you want very precise control over the humidity.  They create steam which is distributed through your ductwork.

Evaporative humidifiers blow moisture vapor directly into your ductwork.  This vapor is distributed throughout your home.

Only Aprilaire provides a fully automatic digital humidifier control.  With this control you don’t need to monitor settings or wait until you feel uncomfortable to change your humidity settings.  This set-it-and-forget-it control keeps your home’s humidity level exactly where you want it.  Aprilaire offers a Steam Humidifier, Power Humidifier, Large Bypass Humidifier, and Water-Saving Bypass Humidifier.    

Carrier offers a Performance™ Series Steam Humidifier, Performance™ Fan-Powered Humidifier, and a Performance™ Series Bypass Humidifier to meet your specific needs and preferences.   If your home is heated—it needs humidification to maintain proper humidity levels and provide a comfortable indoor environment.

Whole-home air purification and humidification systems maintain an optimum indoor environment for your family and home.  Please contact us at 540.347.0765 with any questions you may have.

Mike Appleton is President of Appleton Campbell, a local, family owned heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical services business.  Appleton Campbell has been providing customers throughout the Greater Piedmont Region and Northern Virginia with honesty, integrity, and experience since 1976. Contact Appleton Campbell at 540.347.0765 or at appletoncampbell.com.

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