Middleburg Community Charter School parents were wowed at the first quarter “Leo Talk” September 29th when the school’s teachers gave an inspired presentation on Project Based Learning (PBL).

Lead by grade 2/3 teacher Karah Morgan, who attended a Harvard Zero PBL program last summer, the teachers explained the “deep thinking” process that begins with a driving question and focuses on solving a problem. Videos and pictures demonstrated that the schools kids are more engaged, excited, and want to come to school.

Parents sat in work groups and practiced the cooperation, collaboration and communication that is at the heart of PBL.

According to Craig Mueller, MCCS Board member, “This is the most impressive presentation by teachers about teaching practices I have ever seen in my 25 years as an educator. As an administrator I am fully aware of how challenging it can be to get teachers to try new things and adapt them into their teaching/learning plan.”

Jill Turgeon, Loudoun County Public School Board member, congratulated the group, “The teachers did an amazing job explaining their use of Project-Based Learning (PBL) in the classroom…. I was very impressed with what they have done so far this year. Way to go, MCCS!”

The presentation was part of the school’s series of Leo Talks, forums for parents, teachers, staff and community members to come together to learn and talk about the latest research and progressive ideas in education.

The next Leo Talk is scheduled for 6 p.m.Thursday, October 22rd when the school will host a screening of the educational documentary “Most Likely to Succeed.”

Community members are invited to view the film and stay for a panel discussion.

For more information about Middleburg Community Charter School, please visit:  http://www.middleburgcharterschool.org.   

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