June Sananjaleen Hughes lives in the historic village of Rectortown where she tends the Garden of Sananda and offers workshops in Energy Healing, Animal Communications, Flower Essences, the Bulgarian circle dance called Paneurhythmy, and Cetaceans and Us – the Sacred Trust.

ECC June Hughes book coverThe author of several books, including her most recent, “Whale Wisdom Dolphin Joy,” a joyous collection of meditative communications, Hughes recently attended the Cetacean Summit as a breakout speaker in Dana Point, California.

“It was an amazing gathering of people, a wonderful conference, and we went out on a boat for several hours and were surrounded by hundreds of dolphins,” said Hughes. “”They were swimming with the boat, around and under it. There were individual groups and pods coming from all different directions — exhilarating, inspirational and totally awesome.”

British-born and raised, she traveled around the world several times as an equestrian professional whenever possible, but also took jobs harvesting crops and waitressing. She was one of the first females to work in an Irish racing stable and as a Jilleroo on an Australian cattle station. She competed in point-to-points, eventing and show jumping, and taught riding in Israel. In 1962, she served as flight attendant for a cargo of horses being shipped to the U.S., which resulted in making horse country Virginia her home.

After hanging up her tack, Hughes began a series of joyous adventures with the cetaceans, which inspired her to write “The Dolphin Ones” in 1991. “These were meditational experiences in which the dolphins took me into their world to show and tell — amazing things,” said Hughes.

“Whale Wisdom Dolphin Joy” is comprised of messages or lessons received in a deep meditative state. Each one takes only a few minutes to read, providing a relaxing time-out during busy days or at night.

“Whale Wisdom Dolphin Joy” offers help to anyone hoping for a more light-filled, joyous existence and greater harmony in today’s frenetic world. At the simplest level, the messages from these highly evolved marine mammals bring comfort, stress relief and peace of mind.

In addition to meditative experiences, Hughes has swum with dolphins in the Bahamas and Hawaii and with whales off the north coast of the Dominican Republic, and way out in the Caribbean off Salt Cay Island.

“There are many places around the world where you can swim with dolphins — off the coast of Spain and with pink dolphins in the Amazon River,” said Hughes. “I’d like to go back to the Bahamas where the water is warmer and because I’m very partial to the Spotted Dolphins, which are big and very playful. Also, I want to visit the Humpbacks of Panama and the Grey Whales of Baja, California.”   

For more information and to order books, please contact Hughes via email: sananda@erols.com or visit her website: www.gardenofsananda.com

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