The “Show Me” state has shown us how stupid campus political correctness has become.  But Missouri University is just one among many.  Yale and other hotbeds of student goofiness also have gotten in on the act.   

At Mizzou, where this current whine-fest got started, someone apparently shouted the N-word at Payton Head, the student body president.  Off campus.  He blamed university president Tim Wright for not doing something about it and later falsely claimed that the KKK was operating on campus.  One wonders how strong a presence the KKK could have on a campus that had elected a gay, black student body president. 

Someone else smeared feces in the shape of a swastika on a bathroom wall.  This also was deemed racist so the students issued a lengthy list of demands designed to hold the university administration accountable for these horrendous actions which made them all feel “unsafe” and “marginalized.”  No one seems to have asked why an off campus incident is the responsibility of the school or why a poop swastika is racist.  Anti-Semitic, yes, but racist? 

The football team then said it would take its ball and go home unless these outrages were stopped.  I wonder if their 4-5 record had anything to do with that.

Grad student Jonathan Butler was so upset by the rampant racism at Mizzou that he went on a hunger strike.  He wouldn’t eat until the university president resigned and other conditions were met.  But Gandhi he’s not.  Butler, complaining about the marginalization of himself and other students of color, is the son of a Union Pacific Railroad executive who made over $8 million last year.  I should be so marginalized.  And the real reason behind his hunger strike?  Grad students lost their free health care thanks to … wait for it … Obamacare.

Predictably, the university president apologized and resigned.  Kind of amusing really.  Poor guy never knew what hit him; a reliably liberal college administrator getting flanked on the left and called a racist.  Jeez, you’d think he was a Republican or something.  But it sure is fun to watch when PC devours its own.

They’ve even turned against freedom of speech by kicking a student journalist out of their safe space in the “common” area.  Ironic, isn’t it?  And one student declared herself “tired of hearing that First Amendment rights protect students when they are creating a hostile and unsafe learning environment.” Poor baby.

This whole thing is, of course, blatantly racist itself, and incredibly juvenile.  It was created using phony stories of hate and discrimination in the aftermath of Ferguson which, itself, was based on a phony story.  “Hands up, don’t shoot” didn’t happen.  But Butler, who once worked for Rahm Emmanuel, cleverly took his old boss’s advice to “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  Even if you have to make one up. 

Meanwhile, a Yale administrator asked students not to wear “insensitive” Halloween costumes like sombreros. When Professor Erika Christakis of Yale’s Silliman College replied that people should be able to wear whatever Halloween costume they want because universities shouldn’t censor such things, some uber-sensitive students naturally called Christakis a racist.   One of them then called her husband, Nicholas Christakis, Silliman’s head master, “disgusting” because he’s not making Yale a “welcoming place.”  These pathetic, whiny little children want “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” to let them know when someone is about to say something that might traumatize their little doily brains.  They really do seem to believe that the world revolves around their intellectual comfort zone.  Heaven forfend that anyone should question that. 

What kinds of parents raised these self-important little twits?

And, anyway, shouldn’t that be Silliperson College?  I mean, “Silliman” is just so sexist. 

For a good analysis of how “higher education” has become little more than a four-year extension of adolescence, read this:

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