A magical time of year in historic Middleburg Virginia. The streets full of people waiting to see the hounds and horses make their grand yearly parade down main street. Always a wonderful day. Happy Holidays!

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  1. I lived in Middleburg for many years. It’s a very fun event. Sometimes the hounds go into a store that the doors are left open. One year they went into a butcher shop! 60 hounds!!

  2. What a wonderful tradition. It is so nice to see a town embracing the hunt like this. I love seeing people dressed out in their hunt colors, and the whips men too. I did not see any ladies riding sidesaddle. This brings back such fond memories of my youth.

  3. Conor, our first Corgi, got up and joined a town parade (Memorial Day) and marched to the end…with me of course following him!!!! One of my very best memories of him.

  4. Blah blah blah. I’m not impressed. Riding your horse down a nice controlled street. Come to New York City and try riding your horse down 42nd Street and Broadway. NYPD Mounted Police are the BEST!!!! And by the way, real care and concern for the poor fox who has to run for his life because he’s being chased by a pack of barking dogs and morons on horses. SMH

  5. Yesss the Middleburg parade. I’ve been many times, always so much fun! They have a wagon pulled by drafts and all the shops have cookies and hot cocoa and all kinds of goodies and we’d usually end the day at the sporting library pouring over the best selection of classic horsemanship books accompanied by stunning paintings of thoroughbreds, field hunters, bird dogs, and the like. Good times <3

  6. Virginia has the best hunting of anywhere no doubt and the hunts around Middleburg are the best of the best. Just driving through there is a real treat, lots of 200 year old stone fences, rolling hills, huge pastures (always with a coop somewhere so the hunt can get through), the mountains in the background, lots of forests, just something straight out of the classic hunting prints and paintings you see. It feels like going back in time to when George Washington hunted his own pack of American foxhounds when you’re there. The oldest MFHA sanctioned hunt in North America, Piedmont Foxhounds, is near there.

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