Happy, happy holidays to you and yours!  Gift giving should always come with meaning and love.  Shopping is an art which I mastered while still aged in single digits.  I have blended those and come up with a list of my favorite things for gift giving, 2015. If you are stumped, this one’s for you. I encourage you to support local, be creative and, of course, give from the heart.

Goodsport is a Virginia based company that creates incredible vintage and equestrian inspired artisan made jewelry.  It many not be on her list, but she will love it. They have vended locally at many sporting events and you can find them on Facebook, as well as Foxfire Antiques and Tri-County Feeds, Fashions and Finds.  Give the gift they want.

My husband and I give homemade gifts into which I just love to put thought .  I do realize it is not 1985, but giving someone a soundtrack of memories via playlist will always be charming in my book.  Think mixtape. Think Lloyd Dobler. Give the gifts of thought and music.

One of my latest obsessions is the local farm shop, Fields of Athenry.  Have you heard how drinking bone broth is all the rage?  If not, google it to learn of the benefits.  FOA has two special blends and I swear they have magical powers.  Really.  All of their products are amazing and just going for a visit is a most pleasurable experience that anyone would love.  Give the gift of health.

I have a slight ebay addiction and have, in years past, given gifts under $25 all purchased on Ebay.  Ebay and Etsy are a little like small business e-malls for crafty folks and master recyclers.  Pick something your recipient likes and plug that into a search. You may be surprised at the clever results and find that perfect gift.  Give the gifts of creativity and uniqueness.

Country Club Prep is one of my favorite websites.  The owners are Virginia gentlemen and their buying style and merchandise ooze southern charm.  I think when you see their fox mascot, Longshanks, who can cleverly been seen branding their merchandise, you will see why the collection is loved in Middleburg.  Give the gift of prep.

Arbonne’s It’s a Long Story mascara is an absolute MUST for any gal’s makeup arsenal.  Perfect to get for yourself to doll up with as well as ultimate stocking stuffer.  It lengthens with a unique brush, is long wearing, doesn’t smudge and comes off with soap and water- boom.  And Arbonne never tests on animals which is a movement that needs more global support.  Give the gift of beauty.

Walt Whitman wrote in Song of Myself  “When I give, I give myself.” (Which oddly now reminds me of the Dos Equis commercials) Perhaps the greatest gift you can give someone you cherish is togetherness.  Skip the wrapping paper and share a bottle of wine, a walk in the park or a genuine moment.  Sometimes that is needed more than anything money can buy.  Give the gifts of smiles and love.

Happy Giving! Peace to you all.

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