Once again, as pointed out in the book, “The Shock Doctrine,” governments and companies are capitalizing on disastrous events.

Immediately after the Paris attacks the ‘pathological liar,’ John Brennan (as described in the NY Times) immediately blamed Edward Snowden saying he had “blood on his hands”. How utterly false and hypocritical.

Has Brennan forgotten all the past failures of intelligence such as The Cole, embassy bombings in Africa ,Timothy Mcvey etc that took place long before Edward Snowden arrived on the scene?

Also, I have not heard that the French are blaming Snowden.

Some in the intelligence field are also saying that because of the Snowden revelations terrorists are using new communication apps developed because of the disclosures.  I would hasten to say that if the agencies had not been breaking the law, Snowden would have had nothing to reveal and therefore, according to them,  those apps would not exist!

It is a moot point in any case because terrorists KNOW governments spy on them and will always try to find undetectable means of communication.

Another fact following Paris is that the stock in defense companies soared as soon as the markets opened and I am sure the CEOs of those companies felt their mouths start to water at the prospect of more endless war and more profit for them.

On the subject of ISIS and the attacks: as horrible an organization as it is, capable of throwing gay men off 10 story buildings, beheading hostages on video, and many more atrocities, I am not sure our response and the rest of the western world’s use of aerial bombing by planes and drones and personnel on the ground is going to result in the desired the outcome.

After 15 years of those tactics, the Taliban controls more of Afghanistan now than it did before the U.S. invasion and groups such as ISIS are stronger and more potent.

Perhaps, as distasteful as it may be, it is time to accept the fact that ISIS is a state. It has territory, income, citizens, military recruits and a governing body capable of running an organized war effort.

Maybe it is time to seek a political solution as the past tactics to defeat terror have proven incredibly costly and ineffective.

Because of the wars and invasions, hundreds of thousands of people have become refugees and, for the United States to take in such a small number of these refugees proportionately of those fleeing their countries, is not only hypocritical but shockingly cruel.

If a refugee can make it to Sweden they are not only accepted with grace and dignity they are given a small allowance, housing, language lessons and a job after assimilation.

Even so called military experts who are paid I might for regular appearances on corporate media, agree that the Bush and Cheney illegal invasion of Iraq most probably has caused most of the turmoil that exists in the area today.

Given that, it is even more shocking that we assume most refugees are either terrorists or criminals and treat them as such. The mean spirited and mostly Republican governors of states attempting to ban refugee who are Syrian for the most part, are simply wrong.

Syrians seeking refugee status are the most heavily screened of all asylum seekers and are therefore the least likely to be terrorists.

All of the idiots running for the Republican nomination who suggest that this country should pattern itself after Nazi Germany and require people of Middle Eastern background to wear identity badges of some sort should not be able to have any chance of becoming president of this country.

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