Amid tears and laughter, the Middleburg Business and Professional Association held its final Biz Buzz of 2015—when the MBPA traditionally honors businesses and individuals in our community. The annual holiday Biz Buzz is held in the Parish House of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, with Tutti Perricone providing the delicious food.

The tears came when the Legacy Award was presented to the Allen family in honor of Nancy and Howard Allen, who both passed away this year. They were described as the kind of people  “who leave an indelible mark on the community and the people they meet, not because they are flashy or flamboyant or because they seek the spotlight. The legacy they leave behind comes from their decency and integrity, their humor and compassion and the countless kindnesses they do throughout their lives. They represented the best of this town, and their shining example will light the way for us all.” Mayor Betsy Davis and Page Allen accepted the award on behalf of their family.

Honors for Landlord of the Year went to Dan Kaseman, because he is “someone who sees beyond the rent check … and recognizes that the success of his tenants is part of his own success as well … He understands that every new business needs a helping hand at times … and by offering his support he sets an example for landlords everywhere.”

The award for Overall Outstanding Customer Service went to Carolyn Mitchell with Safeway. She was described by one of her many nominators as “friendly, courteous and upbeat. She’s the kind of person you look forward to seeing every day.” She was also noted as providing the kind of service that makes her customers feel unique and special.

The Middleburg Community Center was awarded the Community Charm Award, for the Center’s commitment to representing the community of Middleburg so well. The Community Center’s charm “goes beyond physical appearance. Every event at the Community Center is made even more special by the attention to detail and the care and the staff, who are always ready to help.”

The New Event of the Year award recognized the National Sporting Library and Museum’s Open Late event, an evening series of concerts and performances that included the likes of the Piedmont Symphony and the West Point Glee Club. The award recognized the NSLM’s commitment to “enrich the lives of our residents and to give them enjoyable events that can be shared with their friends and neighbors. And they did it with style!”

The Entrepreneur of the Year award went to Popcorn Monkey and Tone Moore, noting, “There aren’t enough superlatives to describe Tone and Popcorn Monkey. Imaginative … innovative … enthusiastic … Tone is also someone who supports our community in every way. He’s a true entrepreneur who brings the added and essential ingredient of also caring deeply about our town.”

The MBPA board also said good-bye to three members who stepped down this year after serving for many years. Jo Ann Hazard, Mimi Stein and Genie Ford received recognition for the roles they played on the board for the past several years.

The MBPA holds Biz Buzz networking events every month of the year, except January. These events enable local businesses to showcase their operations and facilities, and brings business owners and citizens together in a congenial atmosphere, even as it provides important information on the many happenings in our little town. For more information about the MBPA, go to

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