If you haven’t seen the release of the Super Bowl TV commercials, especially the Mini Cooper #DefyLabels advertisement, here it is. The Mini Cooper ad, made by local scion Luke Eliot, has been cited by the Washington Post as a “masterpiece” – sports fans will recognize tennis star Serena Williams and former Women’s soccer 2-time Olympic medalist Abby Wambach who lead off the all-star testimonials about “defining yourself” and defying labels. You don’t have to drive a BMW to like the modern remake of the classic British Mini… the Mini Cooper is cute performance. Go on, add your view to the nearly 5,000,000 – that’s right, 5 + 6 zeroes, five million! – views already recorded on youtube.com – cheer on the Mini Cooper’s ad maker Luke Eliott – his parents Bob and Joan Eliot connect this Superbowl ad to Middleburg. 

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