Billy Grant remembered by almost 100 of his Drivers Education students on Facebook as a patient, kind and generous gentleman, Billy Grant, who died recently, taught generations of Middleburg teenagers the rules of the road.

“He taught myself, my brother and countless others one of the most important lessons in our young lives and as he taught he practiced kindness, love, generosity, patience and equality,” remembered one of his former Drivers Ed students.

“Billie also worked at Notre Dame Academy keeping us warm, cool, well plumbed and smiling,” remembered another.  Seeing and greeting him daily was a bright spot in all of our boarding school lives.   No one greeted you quite like Billie,” remembered another.

He was well known for personally taking his students to the DMV for their test after their first attempt with their mother had resulted in failure.

“Billie gave me confidence and the belief in myself I needed to pass with flying colors.”

His students agreed that “the world has lost a loving family friend,” and that Billie will be missed more than he could have possibly known.  “He had the patience of a saint,” said another who “took out” a fence when asked to back out of a driveway in Leesburg.  “Billie calmly told me not to worry about it, got out, fixed the fence, and asked me to carry on…”

Billie gave great parallel parking instructions and many of his former students still credit him with their parallel parking skills.  His upbeat attitude and jokes created a friendly supportive environment for every one of his students and they will never forget how grateful they are to Billie.

“He must have known everything about us,” posted another when describing how well he drove the school bus in the mornings…listening to a the conversation of groups of prepubescent girls may have been a real education for Billie!”

There were clearly times when Billie’s driving lessons were a little tense because some student drivers were a little heavy on the accelerator, but in the memories of his students, he could do no wrong and will be sorely missed.

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