We could not be more proud of our students as we announce the Early Acceptance of five Wakefield Owls into the University of Virginia! Juliana Parra states, “I was incredibly excited when I received the news of my acceptance into UVA! Both my parents and I cried because we were so overwhelmed by the good news!” Meghan Walther adds, “After seeing the ‘Congratulations!’ from UVA I felt so incredibly relieved! I was (and still am) so ecstatic that my hard work here has paid off.”  The efforts of these dedicated students in collaboration with the guidance of Matt McDonough, our outstanding college counselor, have placed them in the thirty-one percent of applicants to receive this offer. This was a record setting year for applications at UVA, including applicants from sixty-four different countries. When asked why they chose to apply to UVA, one student commented, “UVA was my top choice out of five other schools. I chose to apply to UVA because it is one of the best academic public institutions, and the fact that it is here in Virginia makes it even better. I definitely wanted to go to a school that was as rigorous as Wakefield and one that would not only continue to challenge me academically, but also offer me various opportunities outside of the classroom to further enrich my knowledge. UVA has an amazing public policy program as well, which is what I want to study in college. Lastly, the sense of community and school spirit is something that stood out to me when I visited the campus.  I definitely want to be part of a spirited campus.”

As a college preparatory school, Wakefield challenges our students, while aiding them in developing the necessary tools, experiences and critical thinking required for college and beyond. One student reflects, “I feel that Wakefield has taught me to push myself both academically and socially. Over the years, I have been taught by great teachers and supported by amazing peers, and as a result I was able to create a strong work ethic that has allowed me to take difficult courses, be a member of sports teams, and join clubs and organizations such as Amulet/ Talisman and student government. Wakefield has helped me learn how to properly balance my priorities in a way that fits my life. I feel I will be capable of tackling a ten-page paper, studying efficiently for mid-terms, and joining multiple clubs and organizations without feeling too much stress or pressure.”

Preparing students for innovative and thriving schools like UVA is a top priority at Wakefield School. Congratulations to Elisabeth Arnold, Anthony Del Rosso, Gabe Himelfarb, Juliana Parra, and Meghan Walther for your diligence. We wish you all the best!