Fans of Happy Days will remember a funny, energetic, boy-crazy character, who joined the ensemble in its later seasons — Jenny Piccalo, portrayed by Cathy Silvers, from 1980–83. Well, everyone on Happy Days has grown up, including Jenny, now older and wiser but in the nicest ways. Silvers, a chip off the old block — her father was Phil Silvers — hasn’t lost her ability to hold center stage and captivate her audience while she spreads the word about the vital connection between food and health in bars.

“In order to raise economic development, one must raise the bar,” said Silvers.

This goes back to ancient Greece and Hippocrates, one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine, who said: Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Silvers would agree wholeheartedly, based on personal experience when she used nutrition, namely raw, organic food and juicing, as well as acupuncture, to reverse a life-threatening diagnosis caused by food and alcohol.

Today, Silvers is the energy behind the Healthy Living Network and hosts the Town and Country Show episode of the Healthy Living Show. To serve the hungry, she has established her non-profit Healthy Living Juice and Raw Bar at Deja Brew on Main Street in Warrenton. Proprietor Nikki Guskiewicz also carries Silvers’ line of Healthy Living 100% organic superfoods and products. It’s a partnership based on mutual respect and an understanding of what constitutes health-promoting nutrition — aka the bar.

“At Deja Brew, we think that Healthy Living products are important, and our menu provides healthy meal choices made with real ingredients daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” said Guskiewicz, who does all the baking. “We offer plenty of fresh, organic, no sugar, soy-free choices for adults and kids. I wanted there to be a way for people to learn how to eat better. Cathy asked me to do the juices, raw vegan soups and raw cereals. It was a perfect fit.”

Silvers brought the Town and Country Show episode of the Healthy Living Show into Deja Brew on New Year’s Day, greeting newcomers, some of whom had driven a long way to see the Happy Days star. She drew people out, educating through talking about the connection between healthy living and healthy eating.

The Healthy Living Line of Superfoods include Goji Berries and Cashews. Goji are potent berries, rich in Vitamin C and beta-carotene, tasty as a snack by themselves, in salads and in cashew milk. The recommendation is to soak a few in water with lemon. Cashews are raw, organic, hand-cracked, rich in natural oils and minerals with amazing flavor. Maca Powder, Agave Syrup, Chia Seeds, Coconut Flakes, Cacao Powder and Cacao Nibs (the purest form of chocolate and healthy food unless ruined by sugar), and Trail Mix round out the Healthy Living Line, available at Deja Brew and the Natural Marketplace in Warrenton, and the Front Porch in The Plains.

“Happy Days Healthy Living,” published in 2007, is the story of how Silvers grew up in Hollywood, her experiences on Happy Days, life as a grown up, marriage, children, and the crisis that led her to embrace healthy living and healthy eating. She’s determined to raise the bar by re-coining the bar and helping people to help themselves to better lives through healthy nutrition. “Serve and be served” is her motto. In her quest to end hunger in everyone, Silvers is expanding Healthy Living throughout the Piedmont, one bar at a time.

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