There are many differences between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders  one of the largest being her close ties to Wall Street and acceptance of campaign contributions and his firm stance on making Wall Street less powerful and made accountable for many past, present and I am sure future transgressions.

Her refusal to release transcripts of her very well paid speeches given to Wall Street firms points out how close she is to the firms, if there is nothing damaging in the speeches, why not release them?

She has been publicly asked about the releasing of the transcripts and she always artfully dodges the question.  At one event an audience member said “Please release the transcripts so we know exactly where you stand,” he said.

But she would have no part of that, when questioned by Lee Fang of The Intercept she just gave him that phony laugh of hers and ignored him.  After much more prompting by the media, including Chuck Todd, at the last debate she said she would “look into it”. So far nothing, even at the town hall meeting in Las Vegas she again refused to release them but replied  “ I am happy to release anything I have when everybody else does the same, because every other candidate in this race has given speeches to private groups , including Bernie Sanders.”  It is true that Bernie Sanders has also given speeches to private groups but unlike Clinton who along with her husband has made over $125 million since 2001 giving speeches, Bernie Sanders made $1,876 for two paid speeches and a television appearance last year and donated it all to a local Vermont charity that serves low-income families.

The particular Clinton speech in question is the one given to Goldman Sachs (she was paid $675,000) a firm that is notorious for using its ties to public officials to influence policy.

A stenographer is always hired to record the speeches and Hillary owns the transcripts:  because of so much pressure to release them her staff is reported to be looking into doing so but are trying to assess the political risk of actually making them public.

So whom do you trust?

A person who is afraid to take the risk of revealing her ties to the corrupt Wall Street firms who have done so much damage to millions of people around the world or a person who refuses to take one dime from them and will demand that those firms be held accountable for their evil deeds. 

You can decide that in the voting booth.

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