Few industries have undergone as many challenges as healthcare in the past two decades, and Mark Rader’s 20-year experience with HCA prepares him brilliantly to bring superb services to the Dulles community as CEO of HCA’s new StoneSprings Hospital Center.

“We intend to provide the highest quality healthcare services to the thousands of residents in Loudoun County,” he emphasized.  We will also add more than 500 new jobs when we’ve completed our hiring process, and we’ll generate more than $2 million in tax revenues annually which will support Loudoun County.”

A Radford University and Duke University graduate, Mark is delighted to return to Virginia and has already stabled his family’s horses in the Middleburg area, and it is clear that the delightfully charming executive is sincerely pleased to be in Loudoun County.

“This is one of the nation’s fastest growing and most vibrant regions,” he continued, “and, it is definitely one of the most beautiful regions in the country.  My wife, Amy, and my daughter, Helen, are as thrilled as I am to be here.”

His previous position as CEO of HCA’s Northwest Medical Center in Margate, Florida, continued his 20-year career with HCA where he served as the Chief Executive Officer for University Hospital in Broward County Florida; at Palmyra Medical Center in Georgia; at Pulaski Community Hospital in Virginia and many leadership positions throughout HCA.

Successful 21st Century healthcare depends on collaboration with every key constituency according to Mark.

“My job is to listen carefully to our doctors, clinicians and support staff, as well as to our community leaders, our citizens and parents.  We want our decisions and our services to reflect their evolving needs and ideas.”

He also understands that providing high quality healthcare in the future will depend greatly on maintaining a balance between performing impeccably in the short and being prepared for the many possible future scenarios that are on the horizon.

“Our business will experience many transformations in the future.  We are committed to strike a graceful balance between current and future realities to protect and care for our community.”

Intending to create career-enhancing work in a well- balanced work/life environment for his employees, it is clear that Mark is determined to provide opportunities to grow and thrive for each of them.  He is well aware of the attractiveness of the rapidly growing and diverse service area, and has already heard from many new employees how excited they are to live in the area.

“Several key employees are traveling hours every day to get to work in anticipation of the time when they and their families will be able to move to the area.  Our hospital is designed to grow and be flexible enough to respond quickly to our community’s needs… those needs, of course, include the needs of our professionals and staff.”

Mark already has commitments from 300 new hires whom he describes as “only the very best.”

“We search for individuals with compassion and excellent attitudes. The quality of our care rests on both these instincts as much as it does on training, talent and experience.”

He admits that being located in Loudoun County is a great hiring asset especially in such a competitive employment market.

“People love it here as much as I and my family do.”

Seamlessly integrating new technologies into StoneSprings services will be a hallmark at the new hospital.  Nursing has been equipped with iPhones to make certain communication between services and individuals remains current and responsive, and the daVinci robot has already had its successful debut, by Dr. Bernard Cross.

Pediatric Care and Emergency Services will be second to none according to the CEO.  And, in addition to their full service, 24-7 Emergency Services, StoneSprings will offer Cardiology and Vascular Care, Extensive Diagnostic Imaging, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Maternal and Child Health and Charity Care with financial discount programs.

“Parents rightly demand the best possible medical care from compassionate experts whether it is their newborn, their infant, or their teenager who requires assistance. We intend to provide truly exceptional services for children.”

The beautiful new 124-bed building on Route 50 is the result of very careful and thoughtful planning.  Designed to achieve better departmental relationships, clearly delineated zones for expansion and improved patient, staff and material flows, it is open, welcoming and family friendly.

Scott McQueen, senior health principal at GS&P, a Nashville architectural firm, led the design team to create efficient circulation patterns that make finding one’s way easy and intuitive in the new facility.  For individuals who have spent too much time being confused and lost in today’s hospitals, they will be as grateful to the GS&P team as is CEO Mark Rader.

“They did a great job for us,” Mark underscores.  “You always know where you are in the building and it is very easy to navigate and we’re so glad they used many of the natural materials that reflect the history and tradition of this area”

Located along a corridor that transitions from the Colonial developments of Eastern Loudoun County to the horse country farms, Civil War trails and historic sites of Western Loudoun, StoneSprings Hospital Center brings much needed services and stewardship to the rapidly evolving area.

Very soon, the StoneSprings Volunteer Organization will be organized, and Mark looks forward to welcoming community volunteers to what he intends to be a mutually beneficial initiative.

“I believe we will enjoy an exceptional group of Volunteers at StoneSprings.  The commitment of four hours a week, or 100 hours each six months, is manageable for most volunteers and will be an incredible and highly valued commitment for us.”

For more information on how to volunteer, please visit stonespringshospital.com/about/volunteers.

Call the StoneSprings Hospital Consult-A-Nurse® team 24/7 at (855) 226-7344 to find specialists, schedule an appointment, or learn more about services at StoneSprings Hospital Center.

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