What did everyone do when a blizzard of epic proportion blew through Middleburg last week?

It seems the absolute first thing everyone did was go to straight to social media to report that it was snowing, as if people didn’t have windows or tongues to realize that themselves.  Similar updates, along with their political preferences and governmental critiques, continued via status, photo or hashtag for the next several days.  Of course, the only way that I knew this was from my own idle lurking on Facebook.

Many people were well prepared ahead of time with full bathtubs, food to last a week, enough alcohol for a long term buzz, batteries, firewood, and provisions for their animals, and elderly relatives. Then panic set in upon first flake.   I calmly prepared with all of the above until Friday morning when I filled every extra trough and vessel with a lid I could find with water just in case we lost power.   I had enough water sloshing around to fill a Great Lake, but I am now convinced that it was that effort that prevented the power going out.  My husband wishes I had spent a little more thought on Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, because it was quite bare other than undesirable snacks for my metabolically blessed husband.  It is still January, so I have not yet given up on the New Year’s diet plan.  Celery, anyone?

Saturday, most just watched the snow plunge from the sky while curling up with a good book, binge watching their favorite Netflix series, cooking, playing, or other indoor activity.  Others braved the blizzard trying to “get a head start” on the inevitable snow clearing only to be discouraged at the rapid rate of accumulation.  I don’t know about you, but I heard an “F-bomb” or two bouncing off the Blue Ridge. Sometimes it is just better to enjoy a peaceful day admiring Mother Nature’s work than trying to outwit her

Sunday the glorious sun shone and warmed us all as we shoveled, cleared and started to put our outdoor worlds back together.  It was a hard day for most, but a beautiful one.  I am so impressed at the generosity and kindness reported of strangers who selflessly helped their neighbors.  What a fantastic reminder of how very special the Middleburg community is.  Thank you, neighbors.

Monday, as I write this, the cabin fever is setting in for most.  Make the best of it for the next couple of days until it is safe to go out.  Spend quality time with your families, get a jump start on your spring cleaning (you know you’ve been putting off cleaning in between the keys of your keyboard), organize your taxes, do jumping jacks, phone a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while but whatever you do, enjoy it.  Before you know it, it will be summer and we will be wishing for a snow day.

Don’t worry, soon schools will open and work will resume, the snow will melt, your impulse Prime order will arrive, and we will all figure out what you were doing during the blizzard of 2016 if new Middleburgers greet the world in October.

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