Gerry Buracker knows dirt — he can move tons of dirt, develop the site for a riding ring, polo field, the house and barn of your dreams. Whatever the job, when it comes to dirt, he can handle it. His new excavating company, On Course LLC, gets a solid foundation from 35 years of experience in heavy equipment and construction. It just so happens that Buracker’s a dirt-savvy Mr. Fixit if you need an existing problem corrected and a maestro of grading and fine grading. Best of all, he’s as honest as the day is long.

On Course services include site development, land clearing, road, driveway and utility installations, indoor and outdoor riding arenas, equestrian facilities, galloping track, race track and polo installations, as well as erosion and siltation control.

Buracker is local, born in Luray to a family of farmers and horse breeders. He was young when his father uprooted the family to Chantilly way back when it was still country to plumb a better market for his Quarter Horses. He grew up working on the farm. He made hay and started their homebreds and rode them. He still rides both English and Western. At 18, he started operating heavy equipment for a construction company. A year later, he was promoted to foreman. By the time he was 38, Buracker was president of the company, building it to the point where he was in charge of negotiating multi-million dollar heavy utility installation contracts and managing more than 80 employees. He was known and respected throughout the construction industry for his exceptional integrity and insight.

Buracker’s more local projects include the National Museum of the Marine Corps (Quantico), the Loudoun County Government Center (Leesburg), and the National Sporting Library in Middleburg. He served two years as president and eight years as board member of the Heavy Construction Contractors Association. He was also a director-at-large for the National Utilities Contractors Association. “Call Before You Dig” is still sound advice and you can thank Buracker for his participation in that campaign.

“After the construction industry took a turn for the worse in 2008, I had to re-think my life and I took a step back from the pressures of running a company,” said Buracker. “I found comfort getting back to the horses. For a while I did a lot of equine transport around hunt country and up and down the East Coast. Then I took a breather. I spent more time with my family and our horses, but I kept thinking about my skills and how to package them. I’m really good at excavation, drainage, site preparation and grading. I love working around horses. My wife Jennifer and I figured it out: earth work plus horse work equals On Course LLC.”

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  1. And he is the NICEST guy (with an equally sweet wife BTW) Gerry and Jennifer Buracker – you are the people that help make Middleburg the amazing place it is! Best wishes for your “dirty business” 🙂

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