These are politically trying times for most Americans and I am sure most are reaching our limits on how much more campaigning we can suffer.

Our system is so incredibly rigged by corporate media and big money that I am not sure it will ever change.  The head of CBS recently said that all the Trump malarkey might be bad for the country but certainly good for the network, as they are having their best year in history, nice for them bad for us.

In most other countries, elections take place over six or so weeks not 6 or so years as seems to be the case here.   How much more can the candidates say, repeat, repeat, repeat. Also, in most European countries candidates are given equal TV time and their campaigns are publically funded, again far from that here.

All the republican candidates are an embarrassment to this country.  All want to either return to war in Iraq and Afghanistan or go to war in Syria again with no end plan. 

They are all beating their chests and acting like Tarzan but none have even hinted at diplomacy.  The republicans are not alone Hillary wants to continue her favorite foreign policy of regime change.  The only and I mean the only alternative to all of this madness is Bernie Sanders and I cannot figure out why he is not so far out in front that no one could come close to catching him. 

He is the only one who can save us from all the madness and if he does not win, (which I personally think he still will) he has certainly had a huge affect on Ms. Clinton. He has pulled her from her neo-liberal stance into being almost a progressive.

Most clear thinking republicans are scratching their heads trying to think of a way to keep the idiot child Trump from the nomination and good luck to them.  I hope they are successful, but they, at this point do not seem to have anyone as an alternative, Cruz certainly is as frightening as Trump, maybe even more so.

So here is my take on the elections starting with the conventions:  if by some chance those moderate repubs can provoke a brokered convention and Trump is not the nominee I am pretty sure he would run as in independent as he does not seem the type to give up easily.  And if Bernie does not get the dem nomination, I would hope he would decide to run as an independent as well because of the incredible number of supporters that he has gathered. 

If these two things were to happen I think it would be the best thing for this country: to have four candidates for the presidency instead of two.  Just think how great it would be to break up the power that both the republican party  (less now since the advent of Trump) and the democratic partly have now.

This may be the time for us to change to a multi-party system that so many other countries have.  It would stop the insanity that goes on now in Congress.  It would stop all the obstructionists as they would have to form a coalition government so that power would be spread out instead of concentrated in only two legislative bodies.

I sincerely hope my predictions come to be.  Maybe then we could have some semblance of normalcy return to the government and real work could get done instead of wasting so much time trying to simply win each battle for political gain.

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