In 2016 there is a huge farm to table movement as many crave real food for themselves and families.  Chemicals and herbicides are taboo. Raw, fresh, and local are major buzzwords.  And eating processed is the now 8th deadly sin.

You could also say that in 2016 people are seeking out natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals to remedy their ailments.  From arnica gel to turmeric and all kinds of roots and juices in between, going natural tends to trend over a visit to Dr. Feelgood.

If so much is moving towards being real, then why is fashion stuck in the fake? Fashion has historically been designed to flatter, improve, and accentuate the positive while eliminating the negative of every body, gender and age.  But have some things gone too far?

How about the bra that promises to enhance you three full sizes?  They should put squeakers in the padded scaffolding so a fresh gentleman rounding second at least has some warning of the mammary ingenuity.   One could probably draw the same comparison with implants, but I doubt you’ll find a surgeon who will slip a squeaker in before the last stitch.

If you are a regular reader, you know I love Spanx and will never betray their almighty power. But honey, you are not really a size 4 if you need Spanx to achieve full zip.  You are really a 6, maybe an 8, but you are beautiful in your own skin nonetheless.

What is up with all these fake eyelashes?  Don’t get me wrong, I love a long lash, but some ladies are blinking down to their lips.  Eyelashes are meant to protect the eyes from dust and dirt particles in the air.  Some of these girls must be expecting a meteor shower to come their way.

Nothing is better than a sun-kissed glow, but I have yet to find a “natural” look from bottle, booth or airbrush.  A little can be a nice touch, over doing it can just look odd.  Could you imagine what a Colonial settler would say if they could see our orange society?  They would think we were all witches or aliens hatched from a harvest moon.

I could go on forever about odd fashion falsies, but the fashion Razzie award has to go to one of spring’s hottest trends:  The Levi’s Wedgie Jean.  Yes, denim icon Levi has made a pair of jeans to INTENTIONALLY spread your cheeks and suck up the seam to give a wedgie. Apparently Kylie Jenner tweeted one photo wearing said jeans and they were sold out instantly.   Facepalm.

Please ladies, there is absolutely nothing wrong with enhancing your natural beauty and putting your best faces forward with outside assistance, but I really have to draw the line at intentional denim chafing being fashionable.  What’s the world coming to?  Please boycott.  Write a Congressman.  Do NOT get stuck in that trend.