Nope, it’s not about basketball.  As this issue of “The Eccentric” goes to press, March is about to end though the madness looks to continue for quite some time.  There are 27 more primaries and caucuses between April 1 and the conventions in July.   

On the Democrat side, the field is down to two though no one ever took Martin O’Whatshisname seriously anyway.  Not surprisingly, the Clinton machine is bulldozing Bolshevik Bernie … except, interestingly, among the “young,” which is to say the under 35 demographic.

Those folks are voting for him at a rate described by one pundit as “North Korean,” meaning well over 90%.  And how eerily appropriate is that comparison?  What it means for the general election remains to be seen but it could put a yuuuuuuge banana peel in Hillary’s path if the baby bolsheviks-in-training, feeling unfairly treated, get into a snit and flee to their campus safe spaces to cower and suck their thumbs instead of turning out to vote.

Despite his Children’s Crusade, Bernie Sanders is toast.  Bernie isn’t really any farther left than Hillary.  He’s just honest about it.  But the Clintons, with Obama on the way out, pretty much own the Party.  And the Democrats are so locked into identity politics that they’re now fully invested in Hillary despite her criminally inept handling of highly classified information and her many scandals over the years.

It certainly demonstrates how little Democrats care about America’s national security, as if there were any doubt.

Hillary will try to bring Bernie’s kids on board by promising them all the same stuff that he has.  That sort of thing is the Democrats’ bread and butter anyway and will come easily to her.   Buy them off.

The real question remains:  why isn’t she in jail?  But if Obama’s DoJ can hold off the FBI for a while and stretch the whole process out, Hillary will benefit.  Then, if she is elected, she can pardon herself.  It’s all such old news though, isn’t it?  As she once famously remarked, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

The GOP is channeling its inner Whig and appears about to implode.  Perhaps not but, in any case, the fog is clearing.

At the beginning of March, Republican candidates still numbered in the hundreds.  But, at month’s end, there are only three.  Christie and Carson quit and have become pathetic hangers-on hoping for some crumbs from Trump’s table.  Christie is Pancho to The Donald’s Cisco, though that’s probably unfair to The Cisco Kid, one of my favorite western heroes when I was a boy.    But then Cisco’s horse was named Diablo and Pancho’s was named Loco.  Maybe there’s a connection after all.

Christie once showed real promise and might have become the next Reagan.  But sucking up to Obama after Hurricane Sandy and, now, endorsing the carnival barker, has killed his political career even if he does get to be President Trump’s Attorney General.

The Ides of March proved lucky for Kasich who won Ohio and therefore stays in the running for the vice-presidency.  It was not so lucky for Marcus Rubius as former friends gathered ‘round him and drove the dagger in deep.  Et tu, Florida?  Apparently so, as Floridians – except in Miami, the northernmost suburb of Havana – went all in for Trump.

Ted Cruz is the only one with any chance of knocking off Trump whose popularity has beaten the odds and all the “smart” predictions and shows no signs of fading away, however much the editors of “National Review” would like that.  And he might do it.  North Carolina went for Trump by about 40,000 votes but Rubio got nearly 90,000 there.  Had he not been in the race, most of those votes would have gone to Cruz and given him the state.  That dynamic could play out in Cruz’s favor as the process continues.

Stay tuned.

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