Starting with superdelegates: The Democratic party has about 4,000 pledged delegates, who are committed to vote for the candidate who has won the most primaries and caucuses but there are over 700 unpledged delegates knows as superdelegates.  Most of these are members of Congress but some, a significant number, are actually party insiders and/or lobbyists who were former politicians who now work in the private sector or in some cases for foreign based companies or governments.  It is illegal for a foreign entity to contribute to any domestic election but in this case a superdelegate working for a foreign government or corporation could actually have an influence on the outcome of a U.S. presidential race. The superdelegate concept needs to change; the fact that superdelegates decide early in the campaign that they will support, say Hillary Clinton ostensibly because it looked as though she was a shoo in is unacceptable, and if they should tip the scale in her favor it would be a travesty.  The chair of the DNC Debby Wasserman Schwartz recently on a CNN interview explained that the reason the party has superdelegates is because they want to make sure that the electorate does not go off on a tangent and elect some grass roots candidate who is not one of the mainstream democrats, so much for democracy! 

Fracking and Hillary Clinton:

During her time at the State Department, according the The Intercept’s Lee Fang, Ms.Clinton spent much of her time promoting  American-style fracking around the world. She reorganized the State Department to create a whole new bureau 60 strong to focus on energy resources especially fracking.  She travelled the globe in partnership with Chevron and other companies, going to Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Bulgaria selling governments on adopting the American technology of fracking.  Now of course being pressured by Bernie Sanders who is advocating for a total ban on fracking she is trying to distance herself from that part of her legacy at the State Department.

I was very pleased to hear that Jimmy Carter recently came out against Hillary saying that her time at the State Department was not a time of peace and only since Secretary Kerry have there been real attempts at diplomacy and movement towards peaceful negotiating instead of vitriol.

TPP -Once again according to Lee Fang, many of the op-eds recently published in California newspapers praising the Trans Pacific Partnership seem to have literally been lifted from lobbyists working for the Japanese government.  It is amazing that a foreign government can buy out a think tank to produce favorable reports, hire lobbyists and pay PR consultants to produce op-eds which promote their cause and the media outlets reporting never divulge that a special interest has been the basis of the story. It is not just print media many of the so called “military experts” who are presented to be independent reporters have ties to corporations who in turn have ties to military contracts.  Money, money, money needs to be removed from elections in this country or we will never have anything close to democracy.

I have written many times that I truly believe the only hope for any kind of peaceful settlement in the world and especially the Middle East is a Sanders presidency, certainly not any of the Republicans or another Clinton, he has won 7 of the last 8 states and if he beats Clinton in New York  “Katy bar the door” he will sweep the west and then on to Pennsylvania Ave.

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