As Town Council Member Mark Snyder explains in his column elsewhere in the April Edition of the Eccentric, no less than four of Middleburg’s seven Town Council members will soon be different . . . and, as Snyder explains so well, the process of selecting them is, this time, more complicated than ever.

One member, Erik Scheps, is moving outside Middleburg and must, by law resign.  His seat will be filled first by a temporary appointment, then by a special election, contemporaneous with the November national elections.

Coucncil Members  Trowbridge Littleton, Bundles Murdock, and Kathy Jo Shea,  have chosen not to run again when their terms of office expire.  Their successors will be chosen in the traditional Town Council elections on May 3rd.

Serving on Town Council is an important, powerful, time-consuming, and all too often thankless task.  Those who have served deserve our special thanks.

The same thanks, best wishes and high regard are due to those who have offered themselves as candidates for office: Jay Kevin Daly, Bridge Littleton, Philip Miller, and Tony Pearce.

The highest form of respect we can offer is our vote.

Let’s do so in May and again in November.