The financial press and local weeklies of late have been full of speculation about Middleburg’s oldest financial institution, Middleburg Bank, becoming part of a larger organization, either by merger or acquisition.

Change is, of course, inevitable.

And business is business.

But no matter what path lies ahead for Middleburg bank, its officers, and employees, their legacy is, was, and always shall remain one of which this village will be proud.

“The bank” was, and is, and, we believe, no doubt will continue to be,  one of the centerpieces of the community that is Middleburg, as much a gathering place as the Post Office or any number of restaurants and watering holes past and present.

Many a house and many a small business owes its very existence to the bank’s approach to knowing its community and its customers.

The same can be said of many if not most of the town’s signature non-profit and public service organizations, projects and programs, served both professionally and by volunteers from the bank.

We are in their debt. . . . in the best possible way.

And we join with manyfriends and supporters in this community in the firm hope that the bank’s Board of Directors will stand firm and Middleburg Bank will be here for many many years to come.

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