I stopped by my local smoothie place and it was very busy.  Everyone was looking at some sort of electronic device.  It’s amazing how they were all so focused.  Mothers with children on their phone. Teenagers not looking up, just a steady glaze at their phones.  There was no conversation, just a constant tapping on the screen.  It was strange to see a room full of people so connected not to each other, but to their devices.  It was a bit ironic as this particular place serves amazing healthy smoothies.  So at one end of the spectrum they all were thinking about their health but on the other end they were missing the point.

 For many years I did not have a smart phone or Facebook.  Yes, I have had computers to accomplish various things for my studio.  Now I find myself, every night looking at Facebook.  Time just slips by and I am scrolling through other people’s lives that I have not seen in years.  We like each other’s posts and might comment here or there, but there never is face to face conversation.  It bothers me on some level, how it seems to engulf you into this world of almost make believe.  Time goes by and you have seen all the different things people are doing, including what they are eating at restaurants, but somehow it is all unsatisfying.  It does not have the same healthy feel as meeting a friend for coffee and discussing life events.  Yes, you can put emojis on different things, but it just does not feel like a hug. Being connected on electronic devices can leave you feeling empty.  So, in a world full of all types of electronic devices, it is hard to disconnect.  But, just a one-hour reprieve from your phone can do wonders for your soul.  Go outside for a walk without your phone.  Enjoy the sounds of nature and feel connected.  People tell me all the time they feel anxious.  I believe being connected to inanimate objects has a tendency to raise anxiety levels.  Studies have shown that just disconnecting for a meal together with your friends or family, lowers pulse and blood pressure.  Some families have made a family rule to disconnect at 6 p.m.  They can have dinner together and then amazing conversations.

Connection is meant to be between living things.  It is truly what fills us up.  It is hard to be healthy when all the attention is given to electronics. I saw a mother the other day, on her phone, her daughter was about 3 or 4 did everything she could do to get her mom’s attention.  She danced, twirled and she kept looking at her mother and smiling.  I wanted to say to the mother, these precious days are fleeting, she will twirl around one day and she will have her own phone and won’t have time for you.   Spend the time now to connect with each other, its healthy.  When you disconnect from your electronics, your body recharges by connecting to your loved ones.  For more information about health and fitness contact Kay Colgan, Middleburg Pilates and personal training at 14 S. Madison Street, Middleburg, Va. Or call 540-687-6995.

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