Elections, elections, elections, most of us are getting weary, myself included, but like many others it occupies so much of our thinking time that I feel compelled to keep writing on the subject.

I have researched 15 different polls on the general election and have found that none have Trump beating Sanders but the same is not true of Trump vs Hillary.  A Fox poll, Rasmussen and Reuters actually have Trump up by 3, 5 and 3 respectively.

The polls are, Fox, CBS, Morning Consult, NBC, CNN and others so not off the wall polling.  In the polls that show Sanders beating Trump they are nearly all double digits raging from a high of 16 points to a low of 9.  On the other hand Clinton’s numbers are all single digits from a high of 6 to a low of 2 and then the 3 negative numbers showing Trump leading by 3 and 5 points.

I do not think these numbers are errant and think the reasons are as follows:

The entire country is fed up with the same old politics where the two parties control everything from elections to policy making.  They are also fed up with the electoral system where money is the most important factor in electing a Congressperson or president. 

Bernie and Trump are appealing to that part of the electorate who no longer are willing to sit back and let the establishment keep power.  They are also impressed by the rhetoric that Bernie and Trump use, telling it like it is instead of the same old politically guarded speak.

I also think the respective camps admire the fact that both Bernie and Trump are willing to take on the old guard and are not one bit afraid of ruffling their feathers.

The inception of super delegates is a prime example of the Democratic party trying to subvert, in some cases, the will of the voters by insuring that if a Democrat who does not play along with the party will have a much harder time being elected. 

Although I would hate to see a Trump presidency I am ever more fearful that if Hillary is the nominee that will be the case. One has to understand that Bernie supporters are not the usual and do not see the benefit in switching to Hillary if she actually does win the primary race. 

Noam Chomsky did say recently that he supposes that if Hillary does become the nominee we will just have to hold our noses and vote for her, but what does that say about Hillary, not a pretty endorsement. 

Many are calling for Bernie to drop out and make the path to the Democratic nomination easier for Clinton but I disagree.  I still do not believe that Ralph Nader is the reason Gore lost to Bush.  He lost for many reasons and if Hillary is the nominee and loses to Trump I do not think Bernie voters and Bernie should be blamed. Her polling in the trustworthy department is still dismal and there is a huge faction in this country who simply do not like her and will not vote for her in any case.

So if Bernie wins California, and I think he will, and the race is so close as to make the super delegates the deciding factor and if the polls still show Trump beating her in some cases or having only a few points between them I think SHE SHOULD DROP OUT FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY and let Bernie beat Trump.

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