There are thousands of children who have walk to school every day because they don’t have any transportation to get there. By the time they get to school, their feet probably ache. Imagine walking back home! Not to mention, they probably get up at least an hour earlier than other students in order to make it on time. Banneker and Round Hill Elementary Schools want to help those children. Help Banneker and Round Hill collect used bikes, pumps, pedals, tires, water bottles, and donations so those children  won’t have to walk.

Banneker and Round Hill Elementary Schools are trying to transport bikes all around the world to people who need them. You can help too! Just deliver donations to the back door of the Banneker’s cafeteria or to one of the bike racks at Round Hill. School secretaries will accept donations, checks payable to Bikes for the World, to cover shipping of the bikes and supplies.  Suggested donation is $10 per bike, but every little bit helps!  We are collecting bikes and accessories during the month of May at both schools.  Our final collection day, and a fundraising car wash, will be held on June 4th at Round Hill Elementary from 9 am to 12 pm.

There is a splendid company called Bikes for the World that Banneker and Round Hill are supporting. Bikes for the World is a non-profit that delivers quality used bicycles and parts to people with lower income, and select institutions in developing countries, to enhance their lives and livelihoods through better transport. We will working in conjunction with Bikes for the World to deliver our donations.  Banneker and Round Hill Elementary students are counting on you to help us help the world.

Bikes for the World recycles used bikes to transform lives. They work with volunteers, community groups and businesses to collect, “prep”, and donate bikes to non-profit partners around the world. These partners refurbish and channel the bikes to people who rely on them. We need bikes for doctors and vets to reach patients, students to get to school and workers to get to work. Bikes for the World is a community of people helping people.  Their vision is to achieve an ever-larger impact around the world by reducing waste and helping others earn more, learn more, and live more healthy lives.

We asked Yvette, a volunteer for Bikes for the World, what she does in her job, what she likes about her job, and what inspired her to join the organization. She replied, “I help manage and motivate our volunteer network and we collect and donate over 12,000 bikes. Volunteers come to prepare other bikes for shipping and load our containers that hold about 500 bikes that will be delivered to another organization overseas. I also share stories of how our bikes are being used overseas so our donors and volunteers can see how their hard work and generosity is affecting the lives of people around the world. As a cyclist I wanted to help put more people on bikes which is why I got involved with bikes for the world. I just knew I had to come home and collect even more bikes to help these kids graduate. I also love working with young volunteers. Putting a pedal wrench in someone’s hand and watching them work through a sticky pedal is quite rewarding. I think it’s awesome to work with an organization that does so much good.”

For more information please contact:  Jennifer Maulfair (540) 751-2480 or Mark Muldowney (540) 751-2450.  For more information about Bikes for the World, see