My pictureHorseback riding injuries can range from simple sprains and strains all the way to severe concussions and/or fractures.  Therefore, it is imperative that prevention is the first thing on a rider’s mind.  As a physical therapist and athletic trainer my background has been preventing injuries or at least preventing severity of injuries.  Prevention strategies range from wearing the appropriate protective gear as any other athlete does to performing a physical orthopaedic screening program.

An orthopaedic prevention screening program consists of assessing movement for inherent weakness and movement faults.  This is vital for any horseback rider as the appropriate movement strategies and strengthening programs can be utilized to improve efficiency of movement and performance for a rider of any age.  Even if you have a long standing history of riding injuries, there is still hope to improve your riding abilities and your quality of life!

As a native of Lexington, Kentucky I am well versed in riding injuries as I had the opportunity to work with a slew of riders with various injuries at my first job out of physical therapy school.  I am board certified in Sports Physical Therapy and have extensive experience providing medical coverage at sporting events to provide acute onset medical care for athletes.  I am also completing fellowship training in Sports Physical Therapy for The Upper Extremity Athlete.  This includes extensive training to treat simple, complex and post-surgical conditions of the neck and upper extremities.  This way I can provide the best care possible for all of my patients with these particular conditions.

I am excited to be part of the medical community here in Middleburg and to provide care to all of the community and surrounding areas.  Feel free to contact us at 540-687-8181 to have a free 15 minute screen or schedule for an appointment.  We accept most insurances and even have direct access.  We will discuss insurance coverage and what direct access means when you call us.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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