“Dearly beloved, we are all gathered here today to get through this thing we call life.”  Prince 1958-2016

Between the death of Prince, the construction in Middleburg and what seems to be months of non-stop rain, this has been quite a spring of sorrow, frustration and vitamin D deficiencies.   It seems the entire community is walking around like Grumpy Cat in galoshes and the novelty of youthful puddle splashing has lost its charm. Summer must be on its way and when it gets here, will you be prepared to finally embrace the season?  Here are a few of my must have’s for summer 2016.

Bug spray.  Between Lymes and Zika we must make a big effort to protect ourselves from disease infected bugs.  Normally I would like to support something natural and without chemicals, but I think I am going for the big guns this year with the bug repellent.  Whatever your chosen brand, wear it like your daily SPF with full coverage and frequent reapplication for maximum protection. 

Off-shoulder dresses have been catching my eye for a fun, flirty fashion trend for the summer.  Go ahead and expose your irresistible décolletage.  I have seen many different bohemian styled pieces that scream comfort and coolness with the extra added benefit of ease.  Just pull on and go- shoes, optional.

Who would have thought that rain boots would be a fashion trend until people started wearing them for function this year?  I do love a good wellie, but I am also a huge fan of Crocs, the distant, air-conditioned, cousin to the classic rubber boot. My husband and I strut around the farm looking like Ronald McDonald yet our toes feel like 10 best friends on a camping trip while being massaged by the hideous foam clogs. Disclosure: not suitable for public use.  

Lately I have been obsessed with Moscow Mules and have vowed to make them our official summer cocktail.  So refreshing. So chill.  So cool.  The copper mug is a must to enjoy properly and also makes a fantastic hostess gift for all your summer outings.

I love a great graphic tee for beaching, pooling or casual carefreeness and have recently been turned on to a great local source.  jCUBEDk is a local business with adorable designs.  Everyone must have their flowy tank sporting a stylized map of the USA filled with 1776 to reach true patriotic status this 4th of July.  Find them on Etsy, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one.

After one listen to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling”, I dreamt of grooving to that jam somewhere warm, breezy and sandy wearing a fabulous, roomy linen button down shirt, well broken in and rolled jean shorts and the Ray Ban du jour.  It will be on repeat for a while.   That song is pure sunshine.

 All right already, Ma Nature.  Get to it, we’re ready.

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