OK…. I guess it is time to pull out my annual soapbox and speak out. I constantly hear from people that the stores are hurting due to the construction……. we knew this wouldn’t be easy and I know it hasn’t been……. but these are repairs and improvements that HAD to be done and to do them at once was the logical and economically sound way to do it….. plus it would have gone on even longer if it had not been done all at once. I know that the town has had meetings before and during this to offer help and get suggestions from the businesses…. the MBPA has worked hard with their “pardon our dust campaign”…….. suggestions and ideas are always greatly appreciated. Now for my suggestions: contrary to what many think, there IS lots of parking….. 2 parking lots (which I know aren’t always available), but there are lots or parking on both the East and West end of town, especially on the weekends…. the Chief has also worked hard to try to open up some extra ones on the weekend. My biggest suggestion is for people to come into town and SHOP in these businesses…… I know there are so many wonderful customers that DO come and support all of our businesses, but I think there are so many more that could come ……….. if you do want your businesses to survive, please come and shop. I know the internet has taken lots of business from the streets of Middleburg, as well…. please TRY to do what you can in town……. Walk in those doors …. it really is important! Please forgive me if I am offending anyone, that certainly is not my intention. As I mentioned before…… we LOVE our customers and we LOVE our town….. we just want to see everyone prosper and keep our town as wonderful as it is. Thank you….. I will step down now!

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