You finally turned back that ark to rescue us from Spring’s unceasing purple rain and drizzles, the bright rays are upon us. But while we flowers simmer in the heat as we transition from spring, its time to twist our fashion hats. I know we don’t aways follow the rules so I skipped the rain and hopped a flight to Miami where  summer picks up before winter ends here in lovely Virginia.  Fortunately the two seasons strut similar styles so I decided to take my own spring trend advise and get a little creative.

Between the rain and the swelter of humid, salty air, I made a bee line to Miami’s posh wig salons where I purchased a new hair style for each day of the week. It is the ultimate answer to handle those not so temperate days and the ultimate beach accessory. Whether you like to style your own or put on new a piece, now is a great time of year to take on a new hair look whenever you are ready. In the words of Niebuhr, “Change is the essence of life.”

But where the wind blows fun in the sun didn’t last forever and I was reminded that when I returned that summer can bring long soaking rain and the fiercest storms, too. You can bet there is wet wear fashion for you. So I tried fashionable comfort rain boots, light rain jackets and sensible accessories to give my wet gear that photo shoot look. Ready to puddle splash? I chose a blush colored jelly wristlet and tote and a Monet inspired umbrella for the days the rain actually fell straight down. Pick an umbrella that fits your personality and, if its light and pretty, it’s a parasol when the sun is just too bright.

Speaking of sun, its always best to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.  Find a statement hat and sun block and make them your friend. Don’t forget to protect your hands. To keep my summer hands exciting my nail technician suggested that I try a mood gel manicure and I loved it. Elegant and fun, they are twinkling purple when I’m cold and pink when I’m warm. Better yet, the colors create an ombre effect for my in between body temperatures.  Whether you choose mood, classic colors or even natural, pretty up your pointers with a nice manicure.

Of course, as the seasons change, so do our skin tones. So the next stop was a cosmetic makeover complete with new foundation, shadow, blush, lip and eye color. One everyday palate and one for outrageous fun. For my pop of color, what else but purple for the eyes, the new trend and in honor of Prince of course. For the icing on the cake, I had  a henna tattoo hidden discretely behind my neck. So so pretty for up dos. Now you can choose a quick brush up or a complete makeover and accents but remember the healthier you can make your skin, the more radiant you will be.

It may feel like Summer and time to loose your lightweight trench but you may want to keep something special and white within reach. This look creates a perfect touch of elegance if an evening breeze blows your way.  Be sure to accentuate your look in white. Nothing screams style more than lace and or a fringe skirt under a summer white coat. Fringe on down the road in everything from handbags, key fobs, shoe accessories, skirts and dresses. It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that fringe swing.

Summer means that there is always plenty to do. Rating high on our trend list is fashionable active wear. Experience tells me that this trend is here to stay. Designers are creating lifestyle fabrics and fashions for todays busy woman. Try non traditional colors and go bold.  For short jaunts around town, try feminine, fluid dresses, slouchy and flowing trousers and shorts. Wear tops in an array of colors, fabrics and patterns. Crop, layered, poplin, off the shoulder, crochet and yes, the stylish mens inspired long shirt. Accessorize in daytime metallics that take you into night. Poolside, the newest looks in swim wear feature the cold shoulder and stripes. Polo anyone? Of course this is Middleburg and you know what to wear and where to find men and women’s equestrian fashion forward classics!

Whatever your style, let it be about living longer while looking and feeling better. You are a work of art and the world is your  canvas. Now be inspired and create an authentic you. Until next season, I’ll see you around town and remember wherever you go, your beauty destination should always include the best fashion accessory ever, a smile. It’s always in style to give of your time, talent and treasure as you work your fashion on the community runway where you live. We’ll be watching.