Do you ever feel like your face is melting off in the summer heat?  Do your pit stains ruin all your outfits?  Have you ever had an accident with self-tanner?  In all cases, you know who you are. Please enjoy some of my favorite summer beauty hacks.

 For those that choose to wear makeup in the summer, do yourself a favor and choose a waterproof variety to avoid the Covergirl run off from June-August.   If by chance, waterproof makeup or not, your face gets a little too much of a dewy glow you can efficiently blot your excess dew with a toilet seat cover, preferably unused.   That’s a trick I learned from my Aunt Carolyn years ago and it works like a charm.  You can, of course, buy little sachets of designer oil blotting papers, but why spend the money?  Save it for an extra ice cream cone.

 Speaking of extra dew, if you suffer from hyperhidrosis and your condition takes a toll on your favorite summer duds, fear not, I have a remedy.   Just squeeze lemons on your pit stains and throw into the washer.  The lemon juice takes care of the stain and the odor.   Now if only someone would make a super efficient deodorant, the world would be much more rosy.

 Did your mom used to make you put baby powder in your socks before you went out to play?  Mine sure did and though I wondered why at the time, I have come to realize that baby powder can be your best friend in the summer.  You can use it to help with sweaty feet (or other spaces and places) as well as to keep sand off you at the beach.  Brilliant!  Please use a talc-free one just to be on the safe side. 

 I think anyone who has ever used self-tanner has had a whoopsie with the application and ended up with a streak, smear or oddly orange hands and feet.  To erase your blunder, just mix baking soda and water and scrub, scrub, scrub until you are to your desired tone.  Coincidently, the same concoction will also whiten your teeth if you brush with it once a month.

 We hear all about the Zika virus, Lymes and West Nile in the news to the point where I think there is a bit of a bug panic.  Of course it is never a bad idea to double up on your protection, but I have been told that simply rubbing your exposed areas with a dryer sheet and then putting said sheet in your pocket will keep bugs away.  Who would have thought?!

 And last but not least, if you have taken a trip to your favorite blow out bar and want your style to kick on an extra day or two, just make sure to generously spritz your roots with dry shampoo before you go to bed and you and your coif will wake up fresh as a daisy. 

 Stay hydrated, use sunblock and smile, neighbors.  Summer is here!!

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