Well, it’s been a whole month now and a great deal has happened since the Brits voted themselves out of the European Union.  Terrorist attacks are on the rise here and abroad.  Hillary has escaped punishment for her serious misdeeds … again.  Our presidential campaign has turned into a ridiculous and embarrassing farce.  There are lots of bad things happening.

But one much-predicted bad thing has not happened.  The sky hasn’t fallen as the “Bremains” and their globalist buddies breathlessly assured us it would.  The impact of the British vote to leave the European Union has been about as disastrous as Y2K.  Remember that?  The sky was going to fall then too, but it didn’t.  It now seems that Britain and Europe will get through the dreaded “Brexit” with nothing much affected in the long run. 

And why not?  Britain will still want to trade with Europe and vice versa.  There’s nothing the Brits can do in the EU that they can’t do out of the EU.

True, the Dow lost 600 points the day after the vote and oh how liberals weeped and gnashed their teeth! Civilization as we know it is about to end, they cried.  Oh, the humanity!  But, guess what!  By the second week of July, the Dow not only gained back those losses, it even reached record highs.  Astonishingly, the sky has not fallen.  Perhaps the “Brexits” were onto something.

Liberals say that the British vote was all about racism but they say that about everything they don’t like anyway.  In fact, it was about maintaining principles of self-government; principles which clearly are threatened by the EU’s stupid immigration policies as well as its absurd little rules about things as meaningless as the proper curvature of bananas.  No, I’m not kidding.  EU bureaucrats actually regulate, as a matter of important economic policy, how much bananas should curve. 

As for the immigration problems, Britons recognize that Muslims too often either can’t or won’t integrate themselves into their adopted countries.  Germans, Swedes, and others have also finally recognized this.  Rotherham should have made the point.  If it didn’t, then events in Nice on Bastille Day certainly did.  The terrorist murders in Nice are a big, bold exclamation point to the argument that nations need to control their own borders, something the EU firmly opposes.  Well, the Brits quite sensibly voted to regain control of their own borders and, therefore, of their own country. 

In fact, America should follow the mother country’s lead and get out of the United Nations for the same reasons of national sovereignty that led the Brits to get out of the EU.

Brexit or not, your humble correspondent has long believed that we should quit the UN (and kick the UN out of the US). If it manages to survive without us, let it do so elsewhere. And if it dies as a result of our departure, all the better. The UN is a corrupt, bloated, dictatorship-loving bureaucracy (like the EU only more so) and it no longer serves any useful purpose, even assuming that it ever did. 

Yes, talking is better than fighting.  But in this age of instant communications and very fast travel, we don’t need the UN for that.  We Americans should ask ourselves, what do we do in the UN that we couldn’t do more efficiently and less expensively out of the UN? 

If there must be something like the UN, why not a “United Free Nations.” Drop the dictators and the dead weight. Then start over with what is generally called the Anglosphere (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) and add a few other countries that can be, and actually want to be, useful instead of parasitic. But however nations might organize in a post-UN world, let’s first get there. The British have shown us the way with Brexit.  Rule Brittania!

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