Ken Rietz, a Fauquier County resident, has written his autobiography, Winning Campaigns, Losing Sight, Gaining Insight. In the book, Ken offers a glimpse into the 16 years he and his wife, Ursula Landsrath, have enjoyed in the Fauquier County community.

In the run-up to this pivotal presidential election in November, Ken’s memoir offers many lessons learned. As a political consultant, Ken had an impact on numerous high profile campaigns including those of Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan and Senators Bill Brock and Chic Hecht. He was Deputy Chairman of the Republican National Committee serving under Chairman George H. W. Bush. In all, he worked in more than 100 political campaigns, winning over 80%.

When he retired in 2006, Ken had spent more than forty years providing strategic advice to campaigns and businesses. During that same period, he lost his eyesight; by age forty-nine, he was legally blind. Throughout his autobiography, Ken details his memories and shares how his competitive spirit, determination, and positive attitude helped him overcome obstacles.

Congressman Pete Sessions said, “I hope that each reader will draw strength from this story and gain confidence in knowing that no challenge is too big to overcome if you have the will to win and the determination to fight the good fight.”

Winning Campaigns, Losing Sight, Gaining Insight by Ken Rietz can be ordered on Amazon and will be available in bookstores in early August –

Mascot Books, located in Herndon, VA is the publisher of Winning Campaigns, Losing Sight, Gaining Insight. The company has published over 1,000 titles with a diverse library of titles including children’s, young adults, fiction, nonfiction, and cookbooks.

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  1. Never heard of him…If he had a impact enough, more people would have heard of him. Hell, I should write a autobiography about my time in the Navy, bet I had a important impact too

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