Hello Middleburg! The recent heat wave makes me disinclined to address Middleburg issues, and this article will be short.

Today, I will put on another hat that I wear – Bluemont Board member. I have been the Bluemont treasurer for the past few years (an unpaid position). I have volunteered for Bluemont for about twenty years, most of my time has been taking admission at the concerts here in Middleburg. Bluemont has held four or five summer concerts here for at least twenty years. Donations and local grants subsidize these concerts, so Bluemont can make them quite affordable. Bluemont also provides arts education in our schools and free entertainment in local health-care facilities.

Have you ever bought something for a group without checking with them first? I did that recently, buying a Middleburg table for ten at the September 17 Bluemont 40th Anniversary Gala. I figured it would be a fun opportunity for council members to get to know one another better outside of the Town Office.

I was wrong – they already had plans. My wallet was lighter and I suddenly needed to rethink my purchase.

I decided to open up the Middleburg table to people who are passionate about Middleburg and/or Bluemont.

The Bluemont 40th Anniversary Gala is in downtown Warrenton on Main Street, starting at 6:30 PM Saturday, September 17. The Gala consists of a four-course seated dinner, live music by the Silver Tones Swing Band, open bar and silent auction. It is an outdoor event (with provisions for inclement weather) and formal wear is strongly encouraged. After I bought a table, I heard that it inspired other towns to purchase their own tables.

Are you interested in joining me at the Middleburg table? As I mentioned, I already paid for ten people. If you live or work in Middleburg and/or are fond of Bluemont, and do not mind wearing formal clothes, please contact the Eccentric soon. Or contact me by phone at 687-5338 (between 3PM and 5PM, please).

Please help me fill the Middleburg table at the Gala! I have eight seats available and I hope to fill them soon from the first folks to contact me. Help me make the Middleburg table a fun one – and the best of any town.

Please send questions, suggestions, comments or complaints to the Eccentric for Ask a Council Member. I would love to hear from you!

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