Every four years, we are mesmerized by the magic and spirit of Olympic competition. The glory of diverse cultures is a reminder that we are more alike than different. Fashion, music and dance heighten the senses of the global celebration. Their musical melodies blend pop and traditional undulating rhythms all the more to shake life into fabric and into the air.

Then the Parade of Nations moved us from show and glitter to another stage where each nation proudly styled the best version of their authentic selves. The stage gave voice to smiles and the seemingly perpetual motion of footsteps and waving hands. Yes, for a moment, the celebration of culture, cloth and adornment become one for all eyes to see.

Counting just a few, team Indonesia and Gambia impressed with noble elegance, Columbia with stylish handbags and coordinated accessories, Team Great Britain was oh so cool and we just couldn’t get enough of Tonga!  Maybe this isn’t Dior’s catwalk or the Grand Palais but it is real and it is the living fashion stage at its finest. 

Now relax. Shoulders back. Stomachs in. Bottoms under! Hundreds of times, I repeated these instructions to young ladies who desired to master the infamous catwalk. I hope that my former students were watching as international supermodel, Gisele Bündchen, strutted the longest runway in history at the opening ceremonies in Rio de Janeiro.

To the melodies of “Girl From Ipanema”, Gisele strutted as if she was taking home the gold medal in a stunning custom gown by Alexandre Herchcovitch. This wrap dress is a classic. However, when it’s covered in silver sequins, it is elegantly sexy. Gisele is a glittering example of fashion consciousness. Her grace, confidence and pride was globally felt. This supermodel, wife, mother and humanitarian does not only talk the talk but her charitable contributions walk the walk. Gisele is the spokesmodel for Ipanema, Brazil’s hottest flip flop brand. If you weren’t able to make it to this year’s Olympic Games, you can still style a pair of Ipanema’s Brazilian-inspired natural habit sandals to the beach to feel the magic.

How do you awaken the Olympian in you? Keep the spirit going by taking the first step with a note from the Parade of Nations. Welcome your team with a winning look, unique to you.

This look should punctuate your celebrated culture. Dressed-in gold, I would complement my signature red lip color by taking it all the way with red, white or blue nail color. Whatever you decide, let fashion build on your style. Be inspired by the elegance and beauty of the ‘Final Five’ US Gymnastics team who opened their competition for all to see. The gold medal-deserving designs by GK Elite were made by Under Armour. Producing a hologram-effect, Under Armour used their new Mystique fabric to create Swarovski crystal-studded leotards. Their makeup in the heat of the competition was flawless. Now, you can compete with flawless makeup by focusing on your eyes enhanced with color, glitter and bold performance lashes. You too will dazzle!

Did I say Canada and Cuba? Take center stage dressed in luxe ready gym gear that takes you from day into night. Silky smooth tracksuits for men for men and women are perfect for layering when the heat turns to cool and breezy. Trends include his and her Razor back vests in primary colors, mesh fabrics and flag inspired patterns. 

Be on the lookout for Resort wear by Louis Vuitton. And don’t miss Louboutin high-tops or slip-on canvas sneakers for the men, and kitten-heel sandals for the women. The focus is comfort whether or not you are in the game or looking to play the part. 

Brazilians believe that their country is the home to happiness. No matter your competition in life, I invite you to plant your special seed of happiness.  I found a renewed sense of harmony and strength watching these games and I look for that to germinate creativity and a stylish future too. You can bet, On your mark, Get set, We’ll be watching you!

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