The best news to surface in Middleburg since the hail stopped falling has, no doubt, been the return of something approaching normal traffic flow to Middleburg’s streets

Moods have improved visibly.

Occupancy and meal tax receipts, always a good indicator of shopping patterns, are already on the rise.

The temporary stoplights and lines of frustrated drivers are gone.

Side streets are once more accessible.

There are PARKING places on our main streets.

And, as the dust clears, one can already see the outlines of a much-improved and safer downtown Middleburg.

Soon the heat August will pass and fall will allow the installation of new plantings to further improve the landscape.

Equally important are the invisible changes to Middleburg’s infrastructure: new lights;  new water, sewer and electrical lines; a new approach to parking management.

New visitors to Middleburg during the back-to-school, Thanksgiving, and Christmas-in-Middleburg shopping season and celebrations will be greeted by a Town much improved while preserving the best of its traditional look, feel, and architectural heritage.

Many thanks to our business community for their endurance and support.

And to the Town Staff, Police Department, Business Association, Town Council and many, many others who did everything possible to make a tough change not only bearable, but worth it.