Hello Middleburg! I have been busy with Middleburg issues, and this article will be short. This article addresses the Town-owned Health Center.

Middleburg received the Heath Center building on Madison Street many years ago as a gift. The terms of the gift dictate that proceeds, such as rental income, go to charities and encourage uses such as professional health care. The Town also rents space in this building on a first-come basis, and we currently hold a public hearing when space becomes available for lease.

I have received documentation that the building has some serious maintenance issues. Since the Town holds this building in the heart of Middleburg’s historic district, I will be working to make sure we develop a plan to address these issues expeditiously. The historic district requires owners of these buildings to prevent demolition by neglect. I see no reason why the Town would not be subject to this and other requirements of the district. The Health Center should be an example of preservation – never a stepchild in need of repair. Middleburg has implemented various repairs over the years, such as the furnace, the elevator and so on, so please do not think we are neglecting it.

I will be proposing that the advisory board include maintenance needs and recommendations to council on an annual or semi-annual basis. This would be in addition to their annual recommendations for distributing excess funds to local charities that council distributes every year.

Ultimately, I would like to make sure that Middleburg ensures sufficient maintenance funds (and plans) while providing one of the most affordable rental spaces in Town. If we cannot do this, we should sell the property to someone who will properly maintain it (and use the proceeds for a suitable charitable pursuit). However, I am confident that Middleburg can address this issue as the steward of this valuable asset.

Please send questions, suggestions, comments or complaints to the Eccentric for Ask a Council Member. I would love to hear from you!

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