Over the years, we’ve been honored and gratified by the many thanks we’ve received from local citizens and volunteers who are at the heart of the Middleburg area’s thriving non-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

As many of you know, supporting these vital organizations has been a major part of our mission since our very first edition, in April 2004.

As autumn activities and the critical fall fund-raising season begins, for many, if not all of them, we think it both fitting and proper that we make our non-profit support policies absolutely clear.

The Middleburg Eccentric firmly believes that it is in the best interests of our community, and all who live here and love it, to support our non-profit organizations in any way we can.

Publicity, whether it be for fund-raising events or the day-to-day good work done by our non-profits, is vital.

We at the Eccentric promise to continue do our very best to put the pages of our paper and our web sites at the disposal of our non-profits.

Not only that, as we have for well over a decade, we will do our best to help other media do the same.

We will never seek, much less demand, “exclusive” rights to cover a non-profit event or activity.

Allowing us to help and tell your stories are their own rewards.

All media are competitive.  And we will never shirk from competing for readers and advertising support.

We will never do so, however, at the cost of unnecessarily limiting the press coverage non-profits need.

Indeed, from our perspective, the more non-profit coverage the better, in every paper, and every web medium, not just ours alone.

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