cardboardboatregatta091116-bbs_1058Foxcroft School’s Engineering Class always opens the semester by learning about the “engineering cycle” they will use to propose, design and complete their semester-long project for a local non-profit.  This year, the students were charged with creating a cardboard boat to race in the swimming pool on the campus of the girls boarding and day school in Middleburg VA

While they were busy researching, designing, testing, etc to create their vessel, the students decided to challenge the faculty to build a cardboard boat as well to race them.

Big mistake. 

cardboardboatregatta091116-bbs_1026History teacher Stephanie Young and Science teacher Lindsey Bowser took up the gauntlet and — lo and behold — when the race took place Sunday, Sept 11, the faculty boat beat the Engineering class entry created by seniors Mary Park Durham, Siobhan O’Connor and Olivia Rogerson. 

You might say the faculty crushed the students but they kind of crushed themselves.

A design flaw compromised the strength of several crossbars on their pontoon-style vessel  — they crushed about halfway through the race and it was all faculty after that.  

“We should have used more duct tape,” said captain Olivia Rogerson.

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