have a little shoe addiction.  Ok, I have a big shoe addiction.  One time in the late ‘90’s I had over 300 pairs. From boots to wedges, sandals to heels, I had a bond with each of them.  Once while moving, I put them in several, giant contractor bags to transport to my new home and slung the first over my back.  (Think Santa doing his best Ho-Ho-Ho with his sack for those naughty or nice.)  I clearly overloaded the bag and while doing my Santa imitation, I slipped 3 discs in my lower back.  My back has never been the same, but I still have a grand shoe collection, though my numbers are way down from 300.

The Fall 2016 shoe collections are well stocked in stores and online trending some fun, funky and classic styles to add to your closets.

Last year we saw over the knee boots everywhere, this year we are going thigh-high.  Hello, Pretty Woman!  All kinds of fabric, including colored, stretch velvet are being shown and they are stunning…if you have the right thighs.  Julia Roberts types are best suited for this trend.  I will be sticking to my knee-high boots.

Ladies are still barrowing from the boys with wingtips and oxfords being sported- with or without heel.  I love them.  I especially like the chunky ones that are reminiscent of something Kathryn Hepburn would wear crossed with a Dr. Martens.

Speaking of Dr. Martens, grungy, chunky, low boots are being shown complete with scrunch and studs straight from the Singles set.  Oh how I remember wearing them in the 1990’s with cute floral dresses for a juxtaposed fashion statement. Sadly, during that time in my life I also thought I had giant feet (size 8) so I bought my shoes a size too small as to give the appearance of having a smaller foot.  I don’t know where I got that complex, but it was real.  Sigh. None of my shoes from that era are still around as I wised up and sold them after a few years of self inflected blisters.

Praise the Lord!  A stacked, block heel is back!  Not that I don’t love a stiletto, but ever since my aforementioned back injury, a wider heel feels much more stable.  I also have always thought they make your behind look smaller, like somehow the chunk of the heel overpowers the junk in your trunk.  All heel heights are being represented and a squared off toe is a bonus. 

The only trend that I am unsure of is the use of synthetic, fuzzy fabric to embellish a heel.  Maybe I am too old for it and if I were 20 and strutting in Soho I could pull it off, but I am not sure if that trend is quite Middleburg.  Who would want to wear a pair of shoes glued with Muppet trimmings? Maybe I just haven’t seen the right pair yet. 

If the shoe fits, buy it. Oh happy feet, happy feet.

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