The Mosby Heritage Area Association (MHAA) is proud to announce its adoption of a new logo.   The logo was created to reflect the historical breadth of the Heritage Area.  In it, figures from several epochs are shown crossing over the circa 1803 Goose Creek Bridge, a symbol of the connection between past and present.  The travelers include a Native American, a mounted Tidewater planter, an early 19th century Quaker farmer, escapees on the Underground Railroad, a Civil War cavalryman, and a modern equestrienne.

Now that the eight-year Civil War Sesquicentennial Commemoration is completed in Virginia, MHAA is refocusing on the broad scope of its original “Preservation through Education” mission.  MHAA intends to spread its educational efforts to all eras of local history.   Executive Director Richard Gillespie explains that “You can’t escape the Civil War here, but you can enlarge the view to look well before the war and all the way to the present.”   The new logo reminds us that many historical travelers passed through our Area and made it what it is today.    MHAA is grateful to the well-respected local design firm, Drew Babb and Associates, for creating the logo.   

MHAA was founded in 1995 as a way to teach local citizens, businesses, leaders, students and visitors that Loudoun, Fauquier, Clarke, Prince William, and Warren Counties possess an extraordinary historical landscape.  It is a region of places and stories still alive from the past, a landscape that lets us remember and learn from every era to the present.  As one local historian has noted, our region includes “one of the best-preserved 19th century village and rural landscapes in America.” 

MHAA hopes its new logo will serve to remind us of the depth of history found in the Area and that the historical landscape is well worth saving.

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